Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Nail trends in 2013

Hello beauties!

I've covered both makeup and hair trends for the new year and today, I'm finally touching on nails. So let's get cracking!

 Matte and shiny polish used in unison to create french mani's. You can mattify any polish with cornstarch! Just take a clear polish and add some of the starch. :)
Strong geometric nail art. Blocks and lines are going to be big this year!
 Nail art that accentuates the edge of the nail. This bloody nail art was seen on the runway.
 Racing stripes. Like the geometric nail art, this trend is going to be big. It also showcases another big trend of the year, metallic and glittery polish.
 Very dark nails. Blacks, plums, dark blues and any other dark colour will be big in 2013.
 Glitter polish. I'm glad for this trend, because this is one of my favourite things! Glittery and shiny nails are awesome!!
 Metallics are in as well and this is another big trend (and one I tend to do a lot as well.). Dipped or gradient nails are in this year.
 In contrast with the very dark nails, pale nails will be in as well. Whites, nudes, soft pinks and peaches, even tans and taups are the way to go.
 Half 'n half nails are going to be all the rage this year.

Also, simple nail art, like these dots, will be in as well. The good news for nail art lovers is the fact that it's getting simpler! Well, in most cases!

 Remember the moon mani? It's still big in 2013, but with a twist. It shouldn't be perfect! The grungier the better.
 Lattice nails. Think basket weaving. You can achieve this look by painting cello tape, allowing it to dry and cut it into strips. Stick the strips down and finish with a top coat.

This is the only complicated nail art I've seen predicted for this new year. The others are so laid back!
Matchy nails and lips will be big as well this year. Gone are the days where nothing should match! Heck, you can match your nails to your clothes too this year and get away with it! This trend has been long in the making and I think it'll still be around next year too.

And that's what I have for you in terms of nails! Please remember to give my novel page a look and to vote in the poll! Thank you for those of you who have voted so far.

Stay beautiful and be kind to animals,


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