Friday, 11 January 2013

Part one!

Hello beauties!

So, it's here, at last! My (yet to be named) online novel, if you will. But I won't be writing it without your help.

This is how it's going to work. I'll update the story around the 15th of every month (on the Friday closest to the 15th). During the month, I'll have a poll on the sidebar where you can vote on what happens next. This poll closes the week before I update, to give me time to work out where to go from the vote results, before I'll write the next instalment.

As is with all the text on my blog, this is copyrighted to me, Yolandie Horak. I really don't want to see this floating around the interwebs... (: OK. Now that the details and formal stuff's been covered, please enjoy the first part of this project of mine!


It must have been the breeze that woke me, Roxanne tried to reason, even though she knew in her gut there had been a whisper on the wind. A whisper that had sounded like her name. She shuddered and shook her head.

She was still in the same position as she had been while reading; propped up against a tree, but her book lay open against her chest as she must have drifted off into sleep. It was no wonder she'd fallen asleep, really, with the park so calm and the weather so fine. It was as she looked around that she realized something was not quite right. She couldn't put her finger on exactly what it was, but she frowned in confusion. A light breeze caressed her face and again, her name was whispered with it.

“No more fantasy novels for me...” Roxanne said wryly, half chuckling at her own joke.

She lightly reached over and picked up her bookmark before taking the book in her hands and drawing in her breath in astonishment. The page was blank.

Frowning, with her mouth agape, she flipped through the pages which had been filled with text when she'd fallen into her slumber, but were now completely void of anything. This is impossible!, she thought, You're still asleep.

Roxanne willed herself to wake up, shaking her head and rubbing at her eyes, but still, her book was blank. For the first time she realized that she'd been correct in her previous assessment as well, there was something very wrong with the park; it was not the same at all. For one, there was a very large waterfall and a stream to the left of her; neither of which had been there before she'd dozed. Secondly, she'd never seen a butterfly before in her life, like the one that was floating past her face now, pearly, gossamer wings barely flapping on the wind. And thirdly, there were many more trees then there had been earlier. The park was close to a forest now.

Roxanne actually burst out laughing at this, convinced her mind had finally left her. She flipped her purple hair and got to her feet.

Wait, purple?

This was impossible. Completely and utterly impossible.

And yet, it was so.

Where her hair had been luscious, deep chestnut brown when she'd come to the park, it was now long, glistening, purple. She tugged at it, her first thought being someone was pulling a prank on her and it must be a wig. It has to be a wig!

But it wasn't. Pulling on her hair only convinced her that it was, in fact, growing out of her scalp. I have truly lost it!, she thought frantically, checking to see if the rest of her was still the same. But again, she was shocked.

Roxanne wasn't wearing her jean shorts, flip flops and baggy, white t-shirt anymore. Her attire consisted of a grey tank top, a khaki corset, black shorts, tall, grey boots and an assortment of utility belts; one around her waist, one around her upper left leg and one around her right wrist. She had a few necklaces and a pair of goggles around her neck, along with a pistol holstered in the belt around her leg and a pocket watch in her corset.

“What would I need a pistol for? Not to mention goggles!” Roxanne demanded of the trees, but no answer found her.

Without knowing what moved her to do so, she opened her book again, noticing for the first time the cover was blank as well, and turned through the plain pages again. For some reason, she paged back to the beginning, and was startled at what she found. Words appeared onto the page describing her, her surroundings and even her thoughts as they came to mind.

“Our heroine was truly a marvellous sight with her long, purple hair, large, hazel eyes and ready smile. Though she was not smiling now. There stood Roxanne, completely perplexed at what she had found.
“What would I need a pistol for? Not to mention goggles!” she demanded to nobody in particular.
You see, she had yet to learn of her quest and could not believe that she had been taken from the world she knew into this one. “This world?” she thought, shaking her head. Yes, Roxanne, this world. My world.”

“Quest?” She shrieked, her composure leaving her completely. “Who's world is this?”

Staring at her surroundings again, she found that almost everything was something she'd never seen before; from the flowers to the sky, it was all different. And everything she took in translated to words in the novel writing itself.

“You're not in Kansas anymore.” a voice said jovially.

Roxanne jumped at the sound and looked in the direction from where it had come. He was tall and blond, with a carefree handsomeness about him. His smile was dazzling and she had to remind herself of her current situation to keep from swooning at his feet.

“Who are you?” she demanded, taking a step backward.

He winked. “My name is Oliver. You must be Roxanne. Welcome to Araheim!”

That's all folks! Now's the time I need you to get back to me. If you have any bright ideas about the title or have suggestions, please feel free to contact me. You'll get an honourable mention for your aid.

Please remember to vote and please share with all your friends and families.

How should the story continue?

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  1. Wat van Roxanne's road to Araheim?

    1. Or Roxanne's misadventure? or An unexpected adventure? or A tale of Araheim? or Araheim : Roxanne's story/tale

    2. Thanx cuz! :) Will add all the ideas for a name into a poll sometime. :)