Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Some awesome makeup looks!

Hello beauties!

I found two amazing makeup looks on Makeup Geek last night and I couldn't resist sharing them with you, along with a bunch of others from Pinterest that I LOVE.

These first two are from Makeup Geek's inspiration reel. Isn't that red and turquoise look INCREDIBLE (though I'm not a fan of the shaven eyebrow myself, but kudos to her for having the guts to shave hers off!! :))?! And the white, red and olive green combo is amazing as well.

These following ones are done by Linda Hallberg, who is a real makeup guru. Some of her work is seriously awe inspiring. You'll know her from Pinterest's beauty boards!!

These following ones are some of my pins. This just made me realise how lazy I've become with makeup. I use to do all kinds of crazy things when I just started out! Making a mental note to put in more effort!! :)

I'm loving this teal / turquoise trend that's been rearing its head. It's a great combination colour (to pair with golds and bronzes, browns and blacks and even adding it as a pop of colour to a grey smoky eye.) and it looks amazing with any eye colour as well.

I knew I said at the beginning of the year I'd do more makeup tutorials this year, at least once a month. I'm sorry I haven't done that yet. I'll try to get my act together in February. Sorry peeps, I've been really preoccupied with this novel project of mine. At the moment, I'm trying to think up ideas for the book's cover as well as trying to find someone to do the maps for the novel for me. It's been editing and doing research about publishing and then all the little things on the blog as well. I'm so one track minded!

But this is incredibly important to me, so please, bear with the shorter posts and absolute randomness you've been seeing.

I've been reading Lauren Conrad's Beauty (which the bestie got me for Christmas) and it's full of ideas for the blog. I'll get to sharing some of her tips with you as soon as I've actually finished the book. This must be the book that's taken me the longest in the history of my reading to complete! I mean, I finished the whole Harry Potter series over Christmas, and that while we had family gatherings almost every day, there was bungee jumping, intense hangout sessions with friends and much eating. :)

But as I said earlier, I'll get my act together, I promise. Don't look at me that way! (:

Stay beautiful folks and be kind to animals,


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