Friday, 25 January 2013

The easiest gradient nails ever!

Hello beauties!

I've got a step by step picture tutorial today on how to get the world's easiest gradient nails. I've been loving gradient nails for a while now, and I've worn them in every thinkable colour. I think it's because it's edgier than painting a solid colour over the whole nail, it's less perfect than a coloured French mani and it is so easy to do.

You can do this with a fan nail art brush as well, though I find the method I'm about to show you is a lot easier. I'm combining the gradient nail, which will be big in 2013, with metallics and glitter, which are two of the year's biggest nail trends. And two of my favourite things ever. Which makes me think I should have titled today's blog 'All that glitters is not gold.' If you caught that one, you have gained an awesome level. :P

On to the nails!

 What you'll need :
* A nail polish of your choice (I used Essence Colour & Go, 140 Go Bold!)
* A glittery or plain topcoat (I used Essence Colour & Go, 04 Space Queen)
* A clear topcoat if you went with the glitter, I used Planet Nails' clear UV glaze, which isn't in this picture.
* An old CD or other mixing plate of your choice. Use a CD you don't want to use again!! Or a clean one.
* A makeup sponge.
Step one.

Tear up the makeup sponge so you can easily hold it. Then add some of the nail polish to the CD. You'll keep adding as you go on, because it dries quite quickly.

Dab the sponge into the nail polish.

 Step two

In dabbing motions, add some polish to your nail. Focus most of the product on the nail tip, lessening it as you go downward, towards the skin.

It can be quite messy, don't panic about it!

 Step 3

After your nails have dried, add the glitter coat as well.

I stuck some rhinestones to my ring fingers here.

Step 4

After you've let the glitter dry, apply your top coat. Here's me just baking on the UV glaze. :)

And that's it! I apologize for not cleaning the skin around my nails before taking these pictures, but I wanted to get it done for the blog. I think this took me all in all about twenty minutes to do, and that includes the baking time of around 10 minutes total for the UV glaze. This is super easy and looks so stylish! I get a lot of compliments whenever I wear my nails this way. Here's the finished product.

Hope you have a fantastic weekend!

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Stay beautiful and be kind to animals,


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