Tuesday, 15 January 2013

World's best father.

Hello beauties!

So about a week ago, I found some funny pictures on Pinterest, and I couldn't help but to click the link and find out more. Have you ever heard of Dave Engledow, whose claim to fame is the world's best father photo series.

It all started with this picture with his baby girl, Alice Bee, in which he jokingly held her like a football while pouring her milk into his coffee. It was supposed to be a once off thing, but people loved it so much that he had to start a series of these pics.

The world's best father mug was added to the first pic as a last minute afterthought, but has since featured in all of the photos.

Alice Bee is no longer a baby, and most of the pictures are photoshopped into their interesting poses, but still they continue.

I thought it was really hilarious and I just had to share these with you. Dave can make some really funny faces (watch out Jim Carey!), which just add to the humour in this series. I also think this little girl has the best pictures of her and her daddy that a girl can ask for!

So sit back and enjoy!

Isn't this so cute? It's going on my list of things to do as a parent. :P

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Anyway, stay beautiful and be kind to animals,


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