Thursday, 28 February 2013

Awesome Art

Hello beauties!

So, I've got some truly inspiring art for you today. But before I get to that, just a shout-out to my awesome cousin Shants who sent in her first children's book to a publisher yesterday! Shake it like it's ya birthday, cuz!  Congrats! Hope you hear back from them soon and you'd better remember me when you're all famous and stuff...

On to the awesome art. You can find all of these and more on my Pinterest account, on the Art Board. All of these are from Deviant Art as well, you can check out my personal page here.

This first one of Ariel is called 'In the Shadows' and is by einlee on Deviant Art.

This second one is also a digital art piece of another mermaid. Don't you just love the colours? It's called 'Shallow Water' and it's by Kaman William.

Do you see this? I mean, are you looking? MIND. BLOWN. The snow and the texture is just friggen brilliant! I shudder to think how long this must have taken. This is pencil on A4 paper, is called 'Guinevere - Keira Knightly' and is by akaLilith.

This is just a cool doodle I loved. I'm sorry for the small size, if you click on the link you can see it larger. It's called 'Drawn Together' by dragon-shark.

Don't you just loved the colours used here? This is digital art by peacheriie and is called 'Ming Dynasty'.

'Colours of the Wind' by Athena-chan is another of those flipping amazing ones. I love the painterly feel to this one.

I just recently watched the Sherlock miniseries and it's got me quite hooked. Benedict Cumberbatch has such an interesting face and strong features, I think it lends strenth to this wonderful piece. Alicexz is the artist and the piece is called 'Study in Pink'.

Here's one for my fellow addicts. Can you guess at the medium? Coffee, folks, coffee . It's called 'Coffee Kiss' and is by dreamarian on deviant art.

This fantastic realism study was one of the Daily Deviations yesterday and is by June Jensen. It's called 'Laura Timmins'

Show some love and go favourite these artworks if you're on DA!

Stay beautiful and be kind to animals.


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