Friday, 8 February 2013

Book of the month - Beauty by Lauren Conrad

Hello beauties!

Today is the dawn of a bright new era.

Man, I loved saying that. On to today's post. :)

OK, so, the last book I finished is the book I'll be telling you about today. I'm gonna be doing this every month from now on, on the Friday before the novel updates (IF I remember. I've been known to forget things.) and you get to read with me!

Basically, I'm inviting you to join me in an online book club. You can send me ideas for the following month's book, and I'll announce it in this blog post every month. So, you'll have a month to read it with me, before I'll share my views in a post and you can add yours in the comments.

Get it? Got it? Good!

Today, I'm going to tell you more about this book.

Beauty by Lauren Conrad is a really good starting point for anyone new to the world of skincare, haircare and primping.

My copy was a gift from the bestie for Christmas, stating on the front page that she hopes I get a lot of inspiration from between its pages to blog about. Well, Liani, I got plenty inspired while reading it, and it was that book that brought on the inspo for the book club too. So, double thank you!

If you don't know who Lauren Conrad is, what rock have you been under?? Please, just educate yourself by clicking this link to her blog (which is worth the follow.) :D

OK. So, Beauty covers everything from basic caring for your skin and hair, how to determine your hair type, relaxing and de-stressing, keeping fit, ingredients in cosmetics to avoid, basic and evening makeup, basic and evening hair, nail care, manicures and nail art, as well as makeup through the ages. And more even!

There are tutorials, which are pretty good, as well as a lot of very informative information. What's great is the fact that they used different faces, so you can see the look on different skin tones, hair types and face shapes. This is how some of it looks :

There are 276 pages with tips, advice and tutorials and I would say it's a pretty darn good read.

BUT, and there has to be a but, if you're advanced in makeup and you know a little about your skin and hair types, what suits you and how to take good care of yourself, this might be a little too beginner style for you.

Since I blog about beauty for a living, I already knew a lot of the content found between the pages from experience, or because I've blogged about it before. Even though I might not necessarily apply the tricks and tips to my personal skin and haircare routines. :) I'm nothing if not honest about these things!

Having said that, it's not as if I didn't learn a thing or two at all! As I said, it's very informative and Lauren really did her homework concerning everything she wrote about. A team of professional people were involved in the writing of this book as well (a nail technician, makeup artist and professional hairstylist) and their tips of the trade was very welcome. There are even a couple of things I started doing in my daily care and makeup routine and I've been seeing a difference!

I would say this would be a brilliant gift for teenagers or women who are faced with makeup and beauty for the first time, or ladies who are slightly advanced and want to try out new looks or techniques. But again, if you've been around the block and you're set in your ways, you might not like this one as much as someone else.

Lauren's writing style is easy to read and reads almost like an intimate conversation between you and a couple of friends. I found that to be a welcome change from the almost lecturing tone you find in other beauty and makeup books. But I have to say, her blog is the same. It feels like she's chatting to you in every post and that's refreshing.

The pictures are brilliant and all are in full colour. They're large enough for the reader to see the full effect of the makeup etc. applied to the models and stylishly done.

My overall impression : 7/10

OK. So next month, we'll be talking about this book :

The Perks of Being a Wallflower by Stephen Chbosky. I've never read this one, and I haven't seen the movie either, but I hear it's a good read. You can lay your hands on a copy at Amazon or, in South Africa, on Takealot by clicking on the respective links.

Happy reading!

Oh, and vote in the poll if you haven't yet. Today's the last day!! :)

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  1. Glad I could help! Excellent blog my friend and great idea for the online book club xxxx

    1. Thanx buddy. I have a copy for you as well. :)