Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Chinese New Year Celebrations!

Hello beauties!

First of all (I know it's almost over...), happy Chinese new year!

We had an absolute blast on Saturday evening when we went to see the fireworks and celebrations in China Town, Cyrildene, Jo'burg. It was absolutely amazing to see and the crowd was really buzzed at all the sights and sounds.

There were hordes of people massing up and down the streets to the sound of drums beating, street vendors shouting out the prices of their wares and general sounds of people having a great time. I was armed with my (rather old and worn) little camera and Jan was armed with his (much bigger, better and bad-ass-er) Canon. I took a couple of videos of the fireworks and dragon dance, which I'll share with you here.

Willem, you would have loved it! Your laughter and go-pro were sorely missed. :)

Next year, I'll make sure we get there early to see the whole show and take a lot more pictures. That is, if I can't get the funds scraped together to actually go to China to see this there. If you can get to one of these celebrations near where you live, do it. It's really amazing and worth the constant banging and beating in your eardrums.

 Some of the decorations in the street. It gave the place a magical finish!

 These were taken through the leaves of one of the trees on the street. As usual, Jan made for SPECTACULAR photos. And, you should know at this point, I edited none of these, other than resizing them to upload to the interwebs. The colours you see are the colours we saw when we were bouncing up and down the street with excitement.

It was absolutely stunning to see this live.

 There were a lot of these lanterns as well, and you could buy your own from any of the vendors on the side walks. Some of the lanterns didn't go up though and their remains could be seen laying about and trampled on the street...

I'm glad I didn't have to clean this mess up!! :)

Speaking of a mess, this is how it looked after a bout of fireworks went up.

Told you I was glad I didn't have to clean... And it looked like this everywhere. But heck, all in the name of celebrations!! :)

I know this pic is slightly out of focus, but the effect of the light swirling was just brilliant to me, so I decided to add it anyway. Love this!!

The cloudy effect on this pic is the result of all the other fireworks that were shot before this one. It made for a pretty interesting photo!

These following photos are by me and my puny camera, so bear with the quality. These are some shots of the decor in the street, vendors and the crowd.

From here on, you'll see the dragon dance, which was pretty cool. The dancers and drummers wore these red and orange uniforms and they made us all bounce to the beats!

My cousins came with us to this celebration and here they are, posing for the camera, along with Jan, who didn't want to pose. :P

 Anschke (aan - sh - k - uh) actually bought a light sabre from one of the vendors. You don't see it in the pic, but it's actually a Hannah Montana sabre. You can imagine the teasing that followed her purchase, considering she's almost seventeen... :P

Would you believe these following pics are mine, with my camera? We discovered firework-mode around the time we went home and I'm really glad we did. These pics came out really well!!!

Don't you just love that!!??!! And, as promised, here's a video of what we saw. But excuse the quality.

See why you should go next year? I only wish this didn't upset the doggies so much. Man, fireworks are beautiful, but they annoy animals! At least this event was run by the police, so things didn't get out of hand.

Remember to read and vote for the online novel. You get to choose where the story goes next! Where else can you get that much control?? :)

Stay beautiful and be kind to animals,


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