Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Easy chicken pasta!

Hello beauties!

So, the other day, I made dinner for me and Jan. I didn't start the blog with that sentence because the dinner thing happens so often, silly, I used that sentence to get you hungry. Did it work? Not? Then I should probably add that it was yummy. So yummy, in fact, that I grabbed my little camera during the tasting process and took some pics for you to drool over.

Or something of the like.

I also remembered the recipe specially for you. Because I'm a giver. :)

I call it Pasta a la Easy and it involves chicken, bacon and cream. Do I have you hooked yet? No? You sure are hard to please today! Here's a picture.

Right. On to the recipe then.

You'll need :

* Roughly a fist full of pasta per person. In my house we make extra, because Jan LOVES pasta and can eat it without anything else to flavour it. He also takes leftover to lunch, so I plan on three meals instead of two. We used tagliatelle.
* About 500g of chicken fillets, cut up in whichever way you prefer them. I went the cube-y route.
* Half a pack of diced bacon. (I say half a pack, because that's how much I had left from BLT's the day before. You could use a full pack if you wanted.)
* 500 ml Fresh cream
* An onion
* Half a green (or whatever colour you like) pepper.
* Spices you love to use
* About 30 minutes in total
* Some oil in a warm pan.

* First, heat the oil in the pan. I actually skipped the oil part, since the bacon is fatty, but I know a lot of people will still use their oil. So you go ahead and do that.
* Add the bacon to the pan and fry those babies.
* While the bacon is cooking, cut your onion into quarters and then into thin slices. Add to the bacon and brown these together.
* Cut the pepper into small cubes and add to the bacon and onion mix.
* Add the cubed chicken and stir fry it until it's a golden-y whitish colour.
* Once the meat is semi cooked, lower the heat to a simmer.
* Add the cream.
* I usually add my spices and herbs at this point. I used salt and pepper, thyme, parsley and a mixed garlic and herb spice to add some flavour.
* Allow your concoction to simmer for around twenty minutes, putting a lid on things!

* Meanwhile, you can cook the pasta.
* I measured out mine roughly (actually, the hubster did this part. But since it's my blog, I'll be dividing his credit with myself. (: ) and added it to a microwave safe dish.
* I (he) added boiled water and some salt to the bowl and stuck it in the micro at high heat for fifteen minutes, stirring about twice so the pasta didn't clot.
* When it was done, I (he) drained the pasta.

* Help yourself to a serving of pasta and add the chicken concoction on top of that.
* Bon appetit, my friend, your dinner is served!

This was really delish and it's such an easy recipe, especially for romantic candlelit dinners. And you can continue to prep while it's simmering, which is a great way to use the time you have in the best way.

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Stay beautiful and be kind to animals,


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