Monday, 18 February 2013

My weekend in pictures - Fine dining, Family, Friends, Chinese New Year and more!

Hello beauties!

I really hope your weekend was amazing. For a change, I was really (really really really) busy this weekend! We ran around like crazy people, but we had a brilliant time anyway. I guess this is because I told you my weekends are boring last week... :P

Again, the most of these are cellphone pictures and I took them as I remembered that I needed them for this post. Excuse me, I promise I'll get better at this sort of thing!

I spent Friday morning cleaning the house and finishing some stuff I couldn't do during the rest of the week. That was LOADS of fun. Really. I'm not being sarcastic in the least. Because cleaning is fun.

At least I was rewarded with Lunch with Liani at Little Miss Muffin's in Roodekrans. (If you've never been there, you really need to make a swing. Great food, friendly people and a nice atmosphere.)

We took some pics of the two of us just for you guys. :)

Don't you just love her hair?!

 I got home to find Jan there already, freshened up a little and we were off to Ghazal North Indian Restaurant in Sunninghill for dinner. This was my Valentines dinner, since Thursday was a little difficult for us to go out.

The view from this place was absolutely amazing! We were seated by a window and could look over Sunninghill all night long. The lights were really cool and made it all the more romantic.
 This is me, if you didn't know. :) I took a couple of pics of Jan as well, but they came out terribly blurred and I couldn't use them. :S But, as always, his pics kick my picks in the ass. Even when they're cellphone pictures.

Oh, how I suck. (:
 Complimentary papadums and dips anyone? We were just about to order some of these babies when they were brought out for us by our (absolutely brilliant) waiter along with the wine Jan ordered.

And this was our main course. I had the chicken korma (mild, mind you. I don't need burns in strange places...) and Jan had the in medium. The medium burnt the hell out of me, but Jan says he'll go for the hot next time. :O

Mine was the yellowish one on the far side of the pic and Jan's was the darker one. The rice was complimentary as well (if you eat Indian, you'll know you have to order this otherwise.), which was great.

We also ordered a peshawari naan bread with our foods, which was FRIGGEN AMAZING. Oh, how I love naan bread. Willem, thank you for teaching us about the finer things in life!

There was so much food that even Jan (and I mean EVEN JAN), couldn't finish it. I think it's absolute value for your bucks compared to a burger and chips!

We sat at Ghazal for two and a half hours. We didn't think as far as to take pics of the desert. Sorry. Here's some pretty lights to make up for that, OK? I'm telling you, as if the food and atmosphere wasn't enough, Ghazal has this amazing view as well. If you're ever in Sunnighill, go try this place out. You won't be sorry if you do.

Saturday broke over us. :) I've been looking for new curtains for my lounge FOREVER. But because Jan has such delicate taste... Wait! Who just called me a liar?! ... OK, fine. Because I have such delicate taste, I couldn't find curtains I liked. That is, up to this point.

Saturday morning, we went on an exodus to the shopping malls (once AGAIN) in search of my curtains. It's really not that difficult, you would think, to find dark grey suede curtains. But, you would be wrong if you thought that. Good grief, it's near impossible to find dark grey suede curtains! I was even looking at buying the fabric and making them myself!

But luckily, we found these babies at Volpes. I'm telling you, if I had to stitch them and hang them myself, it would have been something to behold. I would have sworn high and low they were SUPPOSED to be that way... (:

And, If you've forgotten the monstrosities that used to cover my windows, I took a pic just for you. Yes, they're green. Yes, I know they're hideous. But don't you worry, they're gone now. I made sure of it. (insert evil laugh here) And the next pic is of the new curtains, though it's difficult to tell how awesome they are from this stupid picture. I'll take new ones soon and post them, I promise.

My auntie Flora had her birthday last Friday and we drove to see her on Saturday after the curtains were hung. My cousins came over as well and we had a lovely time and a delicious braai. Braai, to those of you internationally inclined, is what we call a South African barbecue. See exhibit A below.

Exhibit A

This is my uncle Jan doing his thing at the braai. There was every kind of meat you can think of and it was great.

I think I may just have gravely insulted my vegetarian friends. Sorry. :)

In my uncle's garden, these babies grow. They're called spider lilies and they're pretty spectacular. One of them opened specially for us and we took a video of the occasion just for you. I'll share it after the pics.

As usual, Jan's pictures are brilliant. Husband, you RAWK!!

We drove to Cyrildene in Jozi after dinner for the Chinese new year celebrations there and we saw absolutely stunning fireworks and a dragon dance there. But I'll do a full post on this tomorrow, because it's just too good to squeeze in here.

But tune in tomorrow, because it's going to be good.

We had lunch with my parents on Sunday, which was great too! But I'm sorry to report that I don't have pictures of the food or the company, except for these shots of my momsy and grandmother. They're so darn purdy!!

After lunch, we came home, kicked off our shoes and I started filtering (because there were HUNDREDS) and working on the pictures and videos I took of the spider lily and fireworks for today and tomorrow's blogs.

I use Windows Movie Maker, which is free video editing software you can download if you want to. Because I know someone is going to ask what software I used. :)

After that, we just chilled out. Watched some Elementary (which is the series I'm currently obsessing over) and moped around like zombies. We probably would have ate some brains if we had some laying around, but we didn't, because we were too tired to go hunting. :D

And that was my weekend!

Remember to read the online novel and vote, if you haven't yet. A lot of you have been moaning that it takes too long for the story to update, so I've been considering updating it fortnightly instead of monthly. Let me know what you think!

Stay beautiful and be kind to animals,



  1. Wow, that was a packed weekend!

    No problems on the culinary education, hopefully we can do something again soon! Also looking forward to a curry there by you guys.

    Just one thing: "We were seated by a window and could look over Sunninghill all night long."

    Weren't you supposed to look into each other's eyes all night long? ;)

    1. One of the busiest this year! When you're back in the country, we'll take you out for curry. :)

      And as for looking into each other's eyes, I said we could look over Sunnighill. I didn't say we weren't staring into each other's eyes! :P

  2. Hi Yolandi, love the part about your Indian Dinner! I'll Drag my hubby by the ear and pop in for sure

    1. Hi auntie Sune! You have to, it's really fabulous!! :)