Monday, 11 February 2013

My weekend in pictures

Hello beauties!

What a weekend. I'm hoping yours was great and filled with happiness! Due to your requests, I took pictures of what happened during my weekend whenever I remembered to (all of which are cellphone photos, so please excuse). This is the result of that!

 My day started out Friday morning with a breakfast with Jan. He wrote an exam in the morning (for which my little overachiever scored a 94%), and we went to eat something beforehand.

That was the last meal I actually enjoyed consuming for the rest of the weekend. There's some kind of bug doing the rounds in Jozi and somehow, it found me. And after my stomach was upset for the whole of Saturday and Sunday, Jan started having the cramps yesterday and so did my mother. But anyway. At least I'm feeling better now!

I did my nails after we got home from breakfast (and shopping. I bought some gifts, some eyeliners, a red lipliner, concealer and some food stuff for the house.). The purple is 48, Meet me now and the gold glitter is 67, Make it golden, both by Essence. If you want to know how to do the gradient look, check out this tut.

 Saturday morning, Jan decided to make some rusks.

By this time, I felt absolutely horrible and I spent the greater part of the day feeling sorry for myself. I'm nothing if not honest!

  After some time, I got up and started to work on some maps for my novel, seeing that I can't find anyone to help with this.

On this shot you can see my little tablet, on which I do all of my digital drawings.

Some time later the rusks were ready and looked really good!! (Smelled even better!)

 We went to church on Sunday morning, after which we came home and watched an episode of Big Bang Theory (Sheldon : I'll have to spank you... Amy : Ooooohhhhh!) and then Hotel Trasylvania for the first time. It was a sweet enough movie, but this moment just made my day.

I just loved that!

Afterwards, we chilled out. Jan played online for a while, and I played King's Bounty. It's a fun game, which I've had for a long time now and this is the second play-through for me.

Hi, I'm Yolandie and I play games more than once!! :)

After that, I worked on the online novel. You're going to love what I have in store for you next! It just needs to be read again and edited, then it'll be ready for upload on Friday.

That's that! I told you my weekends are boring! :)

Stay beautiful and be kind to animals,


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