Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Ten awesome handmade gift ideas

Hello beauties!

It happens to all of us. Thursday night at half past one, when you had been sleeping so peacefully, you suddenly wake with a start, realising it's ____________'s birthday on Friday. You didn't only forget about their approaching birthday, but you also forgot to buy a gift! With work and everything else tomorrow, you won't be able to go shopping for the perfect present. If only you had a little arsenal of handmade gifts somewhere in your house, so you would have something for __________.

I'm here to help, folks!

 Check out the tutorial on making these fancy button rings here, at Lana Red.
 These cool fishtail bracelets look awesome when paired wit your other bangles and bracelets. Learn how to make them over at Swell Mayde.
 These chain bracelets are super easy to make and can be very inexpensive as well, if you know where to shop. (China mall, friends, China mall.) Kristen from Studs and Pearls shows us how.
 This is a good one and can be stored for just those gift disasters that get us down. Home made bath salts; cruelty free and fantastic! Everything Etsy is home to this tut.
 Over at Holidash, you can learn how to make this funky flower brooch.
Lotion bars anyone? This is another really cool gift and is simple to make. Learn how at My Yellow Umbrella.
 I absolutely love these! Turn the backs of old spoons into funky rings! Through the Front Door has a tutorial for these fabulous accessories.
 Handmade lipbalm is all the rage. Add scent and colour to your heart's content, and once again, you can make this the cruelty free way. Check out the tut on Beautylish.
Happy Hour Projects shows us how to make this stunning beaded bracelet.

Hope you enjoyed this post! Go on, then! Get crafting!

Stay beautiful and be kind to animals,


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