Monday, 25 February 2013

The History of Eyeliner

Hello beauties!

Hope your weekend was awesome. Mine was so dull, I couldn't even do a weekend in pictures. We didn't even leave the house on Saturday! :)

I sat up last night until half past two, typing a blog post as the Oscars were happening, writing down my thoughts on the dresses and makeup looks (a lot of red lippie and side parted, old school glam hair, let me tell you.). At some point, I could see the amazing dresses and the beautiful looking actors (Amanda Syfried! Good grief, she was stunning last night!), but I couldn't find nice and large images for you guys. I want us all to be able to look at bigger pictures (:D) so, I'll do the post on my Oscar findings for you tomorrow.

For today, saddle up for a makeup history lesson.

A while ago, OK, long ago, I started with a history of makeup series. I started with mascara (click if you missed it) back then, and I thought I'd go on with this series at long last. You can thank me later (because then you'd be procrastinating too. Get it?... It was weak, I know. Sorry.)

Today, we're going to talk about eyeliner.

As early as 10,000 BC, Egyptians and Mesopotamians used kohl (made of stuff like lead and copper ore, amongst others) to line their eyes. This was done for two reasons; to protect their eyes from the sun and also, to protect them from the evil eye.

King Tutankhamen's tomb was discovered in 1922, and this is when eyeliner went global. Suddenly, women in other countries became aware of the use of kohl and wanted in on the action, using eyeliner pretty liberally.

During the world war in the 1940's, shortages of just about everything was just about everywhere. But they had eyeliner. Know what the women used it for? To draw lines on the backs of their legs, to make it look like they were wearing stockings (which was one of the things they couldn't get their hands on).

In the sixties, liquid eyeliner made it's debut, bringing with it the cat eye, fashions by Mary Quant and Twiggy.

(Click here for my references : here, here and here.)

These days, eyeliner is a part of our daily makeup routines. You can use your liner to completely change the shape of your eyes, to accentuate your eye colour, to change your day time look to a more evening-type look. You can use it to fill in brows and for makeup art. And I'm going to share some of these techniques and looks with you now! (found all of these on Pinterest)

Amazing what a little line can do, don't you think?

Stay beautiful and be kind to animals,


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