Monday, 25 March 2013

Easter Makeup inspiration!

Hello beauties!

Hope you had a fantastic weekend!!

Before I start on the day's blog, it just hit me... Friday is Good Friday, which means I won't be blogging, which in turn means I won't be updating the online novel as scheduled. Before you freak out and send me angry emails, STOP!! I'll still upload the novel this week, only now it will happen on THURSDAY. So, in recap; the poll closes on Wednesday and the story continues on Thursday, because on Friday I'm going to church and spending the day with family. :)

OK, now that we've got that sorted out... I've got some makeup inspiration for your Easter weekend. I figured, I always do Christmas-y makeup and Valentines makeup, so I might as well do a post like this one for Easter. (Just a side note here. I'll do nail art inspiration for Easter tomorrow, as a lot of you have been asking me to do it, and last year it was one of my most popular posts when I did the Easter nails post.) Upon Google-ing for Easter makeup inspiration, I found that a lot of people draw inspiration from the soft pastels found in Easter eggs, so you're going to be bombarded with images showcasing that.

On the upside, pastels are pretty wearable and almost anyone can pull them off. If you're fairer, pastels are go just the way they are! If you're middle toned to darker, keep the pastels, but pair them with darker colours in the crease or as shades. You can also go for the pastels on the mouth only, paired with a darker eye, if what you're about to see puts you off. Just remember, the pastel trend is pretty big at the mo. Think back on the Oscars!

There is a wacky look or two included here as well, for you adventurous souls. I aim to please!! :)

Stay beautiful and be kind to animals, even the Easter bunny!!


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