Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Movie Review - Wreck it Ralph

Hello beauties!!

We went to see Wreck it Ralph over the weekend and I thought I'd share with you what I thought about it. It was a really sweet movie and we really enjoyed it, being geeky gamers ourselves!

'Why, in the name of sweeties, are you only posting something about this movie now?' you ask?
I live in South Africa, friends! We get to see these things months after the rest of you! It's like when Jan bought the new Sim City game from the Origin store. It released (though with a lot of problems) over a period of a week in most of the rest of the world and he only got to play it on Friday... We get things much later than everyone else!! :D So bear with me here.

If, for some obscure reason, you have not yet seen the trailer, here it is.

It was a really cute movie! For a more specific review, with all the details you may want, click here.

First of all, what absolutely made this movie for me, was the fact that Jane Lynch (Sue Sylvester) voiced Calhoun. I mean, she was brilliant! It was like Sue Sylvester, in a tight black body armour suit, wielding the biggest friggen gun you can imagine, while throwing out her famous Sue insults all the time!

She was awesome!!

Now, some spoilers may follow.

Secondly, whom of you could not love this little face?? This is Venelope von Schweets, the other main character in the movie.

Ralph is a villain in his game, Fix it Felix Jnr., and he's tired of being the bad guy. So, when one of his game's villager peeps challenge him to win a medal (as a hero) and receive the penthouse of his game as a prize, Ralph is on it immediately.

He sneaks into Hero's Duty, where he meets Calhoun and has to fight the Cy-bugs (vicious alien swarm type thing-ies that become what they eat. So, feed it a machine gun, and it grows machine guns to shoot you with. Bad kind of monster!!) in this first person shooter game. He ends up climbing the tower and winning his medal, only to step on a Cy-bug egg. This thing hatches and Ralph ends up stepping on more of them, which also hatch and... you can see the cycle here. He manages to get into an escape pod (Cy-bug on his face) and is shot out of the game and into Game Central (which is a train station to get to other games).

He lands up in Sugar rush (with the Cy-bug disappearing into a pool of sugary goo. Tam tam taaaaaam) and meets Venelope. She's a glitch in her game and none of the other racers in Sugar Rush (her game) want anything to do with her, but all she wants to do is race. So, Venelope steals Ralph's medal and uses it to enter a race, to his massive annoyance.

But King Candy, the ruler of Sugar Rush, doesn't want Venelope to compete. Meanwhile, Fix it Felix is dubbed as out of order, because Ralph isn't there to wreck and Felix can't fix. For the first time, the citizens realise what an important role Ralph had and Felix sets out to find him. With Felix goes Calhoun, who informs him the Cy-bug mustn't be allowed to lay eggs, or Sugar Rush will be infested (it is a virus, after all) and shut down.

Venelope promises Ralph his medal back when she wins the race and she and Ralph set out to build her a racer. The two become quite attached and Ralph teaches her to drive.

Long story short, King Candy turns out NOT to be what he seems, the Cy-bugs multiply like hell and Ralph and Venelope save the day. I won't give it all away, since there may be some of you who still want some kind of surprise in the end!!

I found this really sweet. It starts kind of slow, most of the funniest parts happen once you've met Venelope, who is really funny and adorable. Ralph is a sweetheart and Calhoun, like I've said, is classic as well. Felix is a sweetheart and is quite funny in places too.

You can take your kids to see this one and you'll enjoy it too, especially if you remember games like Pacman, Street Fighter (well, that's still big), Super Mario and Sonic the Hedgehog (as well as a SCORE others). The kids in the cinema actually clapped hands when it was done! :D

The animation was really good (I mean, this movie was nominated for an Oscar) and the 3D was pretty harmless on the eyes. I get headaches easily from 3D, but I left the cinema feeling fine.

Overall, this was a pretty schweet movie!

Stay beautiful and be kind to animals,


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