Monday, 11 March 2013

My weekend in Pictures

Hello beauties!!

Had a good weekend? Great! It was one of those for us, and I actually remembered to take a lot of pictures for you guys! So, without further delay, here we go!

First of all, my brother and his girlfriend, Brenda, in the back of my car. We were on our way to the airport to see off my dad, who is on a working trip in Orlando at the mo. Schweet couple, don't you think?
 On our way up to the terminals.

 We had dinner in the food court at OR Tambo international airport (in Johannesburg, where I live) at Ocean Basket. These following pics are of my foodies. And yes, that's a chocolate milkshake with a fish meal! :P

We saw off my dad and then went to spend some time with my mom before we went home. Jan and I had a 'date day' on Saturday, where we saw no-one else and just spent some quality time together, since Jan's been working really hard the last while. It was awesome to just kick back, laugh and joke and hold hands like a newly in love couple. Thanx for an amazing day, hubby!!

After some random shopping, we went to see Wreck it Ralph, which I'll chat about tomorrow. But this is a pic inside the cinema before the movie started.
 Jan in his 3D glasses looking cool!! and our butter flavoured popcorn.

 We hung around at home on Saturday night, sticking with our date. We ate boerie rolls (for all my international friends, this is a South African take on hot dogs and it's much better than plain ol' hot dogs too!!)

We watched Skyfall and I painted my nails while we watched. I used two Essence colours, the nude is cookies and creme, the brown is copper rulez (magnetic polish) and the gold is gold rush from Art Deco (this is a striper and it's cruelty free too!!). It didn't come out perfectly, but heck, it looks OK.

 Sunday we had lunch with the in-laws and Jan's aunt and grandmother. We had another lamb leg and chicken roast, which was DIVINE. Mom Ria, you sure know how to make the yummiest food out there!

Looks lovely, huh?
This was my plate and my pudding plate too. Feeling hungry yet? :P

And that was my weekend!

As promised, I'm announcing the book of the month for the book club now. It was nominated by none other than Chef Shants, and it's Where the Heart is by Billie Letts. This is another one which was adapted into a movie I haven't yet seen, but I'll make a plan to get it done. And according to the nominator, this is a family safe read. So get your hands on it now and we'll talk about it on Friday, April 5. Buy it here if you're in South Africa and here for elsewhere.

Tune in tomorrow for some details about Wreck it Ralph!

Stay beautiful and be kind to animals,


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