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Part Four!

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Our last official post for the week is part four of the story. Don't forget to vote and to make your course of action known, because it's pretty important to the rest of the story for a second time in a row! Woo hoo! Thank you to all of those of you who have been super supportive of this project of mine, and that you haven't lost interest in it yet. I'm super excited about this all! It might just help in getting me published one day soon!

So, with out further babbling, here's part four!!

Part Four

The inside of the structure was just as magnificent. Oliver lead her into the throne room, which left Roxanne breathless. There hung a massive chandelier in the very centre of the room, made of a variety of sparkling gems; in every colour one could think of. And unseen source of light shone through these gems and cast reflections of light in patterns over the wooden floors and walls.

Banners hung in pure white against these walls, each adorned with only a simple, open book, encircled in black and white tousles on the ends. Pots of white flowers stood under each of these banners, coloured in patches by the gemmed chandelier.

In the throne, which was made of gleaming rosewood, sat an elderly man. He was completely without decoration or any splendour, dressed only in black pants and a crisp, white shirt. His hair was silvery grey and short, and his mouth held a welcoming smile. But his eyes held Roxanne's attention. They were of the palest blue she had ever seen, and the strange way he stared right through her informed her instantly that the Storyteller was blind.

How in the world is that possible? He's writing my story, isn't he?, she wondered, and, as always, her thoughts jumped onto the page in the book immediately.

"Welcome, young Roxanne. I am the Storyteller." he said, getting to his feet and stepping lightly down the platform on which the throne stood. "I am indeed blind." he added with a serene smile. "Do not fret about it."

Roxanne had no idea what to do or how to react, so, remembering a little of her ballet training as a child, she curtsied gracefully, albeit hastily. "It is an honour... to meet... someone of your... stature?" she managed, phrasing the last word as a question and regretting it. She wished she'd listened in school when they were taught about protocol.

But the Storyteller laughed merrily. "There's no need to be so formal, Roxanne. You are an honoured guest in these halls."

Oliver glanced at her and grinned widely. "Now, you may ask him all you want to know."

She toyed with her hair, taken again off guard by the purple coloured strands, and flipped it over her shoulders to keep it from distracting her. She rubbed her hands over her shorts when she realised they were sweaty. What do I want to ask him again?

Eventually, her voice found her again, and the two men had been looking at her patiently during the time she had straightened her thoughts. "Your... Majesty, you mentioned something of a quest. What is this quest and where do I come into it?" she asked.

The Storyteller looked unseeingly to the back of the hall, staring right through Oliver this time. "To answer that question, I must tell you some of the history of Araheim, Roxanne. It would be better if we discussed this in the sitting room, where we may be comfortable."

He started out of the throne room and Roxanne was amazed that a blind man could walk so confidently on his own, without even a stick to guide his way. He lead them to a small, but cozy room, where there stood four upright chairs and walls lined with books. The Storyteller sat down in a chair facing the only window in the room and Roxanne and Oliver sat opposite him.

He was silent for a while, but looked at Roxanne, as if he could see her, and look into her soul.

"There is a magic in Araheim, ancient and pure." he started at length. "Each of our lives is written up in a book, written by the Storyteller. The books are kept in the Great Library, a place of magic, where the books are tended to by the very same Storyteller. There have been fifteen of my kind in Araheim and our duty has always been to uphold law and order, to govern the people, to write the tales as they happen and to tend the books, until they end."

"Why?" Roxanne asked when the man fell silent.

He smiled at her. "Because, the books themselves are magic, and, as long as the books remain whole, the people of Araheim will remain at peace. A book comes to an end when its subject dies and is then moved to the History section of the Library."

"And if a book gets damaged?" she wondered.

"If a book is damaged in any way, or falls into decay, the person who the story belongs to will become ill, or injured, or fall into disfavour with his or her family and many bad things will happen to that person, until, eventually, they become evil or die. The book can be restored, of course, and the person will recover completely, and live out the rest of their life in peace. But, if the Storyteller does not see the damage..." he sighed and took a deep breath before he continued.

"Once, in the history of Araheim, a single drop of water fell onto a page in a book. The drop smeared the ink on the page, and the smeared ink damaged the pages adjacent to it, which damaged the next pages, and the next, until all the words in the book became a smeared, inky mess. But, the cover of the book appeared undamaged, so the Storyteller did not notice.

"Not, at least, until it was too late. The stories of the people who knew the damaged book's owner started to change as well. There was no longer peace amongst them, and the damaged one's life began to show the damage of his book as well. In the end, he lost everything; his family and friends, as well as his sanity. He became murderous and cruel, black hearted and very dangerous. Soon, he could no longer remember who he had been once before, and took a new name for himself; the Trickster. He so hated the Storyteller, that he became a mockery of the man and spread chaos in all the lands.

"Eventually, the Trickster managed to steal his story from the Great Library, and he disappeared for a long time. Until now, we believe. And that is where your tale begins, dear Roxanne. Just over a month ago, there was a burglary in the Library." the Storyteller said and was quiet once again.

Roxanne swallowed audibly, her mouth suddenly feeling dry. "What was stolen?" she asked in a small voice, knowing and fearing the answer.

The Storyteller looked at her once again, his pale blue eyes filling with tears as he spoke. "The book of every citizen of Araheim."

"Did the Trickster take them?" she asked.

The Storyteller nodded. "We believe so."

She felt sick in her stomach as she asked the next question. "What will he do to the books?"

"Destroy them. He has already damaged some of them, and has demolished others. Did you not meet bandits on the road? Have you not already seen the results of the Trickster's work? When he destroys more books, war will break out. The people will murder one another over trifle things and Araheim will end, forever." the blind man answered.

"And you want me to find these stolen books?" Roxanne asked, extracting a nod from both Oliver and the Storyteller.

She sat thinking on all she'd heard up to this point and sighed deeply. She would not leave these people now. Roxanne would help them in whatever way she could. But there was one more thing she wanted to know before she set out on a quest she didn't completely understand. "Why do you need me? What makes me so special that I could go on this quest and survive?"

That's all I have for you this time, folks!! The plot thickens... :)

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  1. Roxanne has the ability to repair the Trickster's book

  2. Roxanne carries her own book, not the Trickster.