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Part Three

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So, the story continues today! But, we're going to do it slightly differently this time. The poll will be open for a week and a half and the story will update in two week's time (on the 29'th) due to popular demand. I've had a lot of people tell me that the story takes too long to upload again, or that they forget what's happened last, or that they can't wait so long for their next fix. Thank you all, I really appreciate it. 

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Part three

The carriage moved quite quickly and Roxanne couldn't clearly make out the scenery outside because of it. It was like a smear of many colours being painted by a temperamental artist.

Oliver regarded her with a smile and every emotion she had spilt onto the pages of the open book in her hands, and she shut it with a dull thud. "So," she started, wanting to make at least some small talk. "What's this great need in Araheim?"

Oliver's face fell. "We don't really understand it. But my father will be able to explain it to you."

Roxanne smirked. "Seems like you're avoiding the subject. I'll have you know I..." But she never had the chance to finish her sentence. The carriage jerked to a halt and the animal pulling it made a loud and fearsome screech. Sudden malicious laughter could be heard from outside the vehicle and Oliver sighed irritably.

"Bandits." he said simply.

"Come out here an' talk!" a forceful and cruel voice called. "No funny business now! Hands where we can see 'em!"

Oliver shook his head. "When will people learn?" he mumbled, but got out of the carriage anyway.

Roxanne was suddenly afraid, because it didn't seem as if Oliver were even remotely disturbed by all this, but more importantly; she wasn't sure if he was armed. Bandits carry weapons, don't they?!, she thought frantically, only to remember the pistol she had holstered to her leg. Somehow, the realisation made her feel even worse. But she followed after Oliver anyway.

There were five burly and rough looking men outside, in the middle of the road. Each of them were armed with pistols, or wicked looking knives and their leader had a beard and a golden tooth.

"We'll be relievin' you of your valuables now." said the leader, holding his free hand out. His pistol was trained on Oliver's chest.

"Ooh, she's a pretty lookin' one." one of the others said, giving a step closer to Roxanne.

Oliver looked sternly at the leader. "Don't you know who I am?"

"'Course not! An' I don't right care! I'll be havin' her weapon as well." the bearded man answered, pointing in Roxanne's direction.

"I think not." Oliver said, and like a blur, he moved to the bandit and disarmed him.

He punched the bearded man in the face, the pop of breaking bone sounding dully and blood spurted from his broken nose. Oliver had barely let the bandit go, when he was on the second, kicking him in the stomach and punching him backward as the man doubled over from the first blow.

The third bandit had some courage and stormed Oliver as he was dealing with the second man. But the prince was ready for him. He kneed the man in the crotch and shoved him to the ground, as he cried out in pain. The last two bandits had more sense than their friends and they moved backwards slowly to get away.

Roxanne hadn't moved an inch during the whole display and she stood, open mouthed and astonished, looking at Oliver with new light in her eyes.

"Dat wad unnedesary." the one with the broken nose said. "We meand do drouble. We be leavid dow."

"Not so fast!" Oliver shouted as they started to run away. "By decree of the Storyteller, I place you under arrest, on the charge of robbery and intimidation!"

But by the time he had finished speaking, they were long gone. Oliver chortled and shook his head, before he turned to Roxanne with a mischievous grin on his face.

"Well that was... easy." she managed, still in shock over the whole display.

Oliver winked at her. "And you doubted me! Well, no harm done, I suppose. They won't be back too soon and we didn't have too much time to waste on them anyway. Let's get back on course. The Storyteller is waiting for us."

They got back into the carriage and were off, for the second time that day.

The silence that followed wasn't awkward at all, they sat together, each lost in their thoughts until the carriage stopped once again and they landed on a circular, cobbled entryway, in front of a massive palace. The structure was made out of dark grey, moss covered bricks and consisted of peaks and arches all around, and there were many coloured banners in every peak. It was surrounded by strange and fragrant flowers, in every colour and hue thinkable.

To the side of the palace, there was a wide, clear river, which bubbled and sparkled in the sunlight. Inside of the river was a large waterwheel, cogs and wheels turning it slowly around, and the water was obviously pumped into the palace. Wonderful winged insects hovered over the water, these creatures being even larger than Roxanne herself, and their translucent, opalescent wings shone in prisms in the light.

It was beautiful. Oliver looked at her with sparkling eyes. "Shall we?" he asked, offering his arm to her, and when she took it, he lead her into the palace.

Why do they need Roxanne's aid?
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