Monday, 4 March 2013

Sunday Lunch

Hello beauties!

Hope you had an amazing weekend! Mine was good, thanks. :) Spent Friday night with my parents, Saturday cleaning and getting ready for Sunday, when we had over some friends and ate ourselves silly.

Franco, Liani, Andre and Rita-Mari graced us with their presence and we had a great time with them. Thanks guys for coming and for being so friggen EPIC!! :D

I don't have pictures of everything, sorry. I forgot to take them, because we were having so much fun together. But here are the pics I have.

 My little table, waiting to be eaten at.
 The quince boiling nicely and the potato wedges waiting to be fried. I add some custard powder and sugar to my quince and I tell you, the friends ate until there was barely anything left. :)
 Traditional yellow rice and raisins.
 We made our cauliflower and broccoli and then added a white sauce with a pinch of cayenne pepper, paprika and salt to the mix and topped it off with heaps of cheese.

We also ate leg of lamb and sweetcorn, which I didn't think to take pictures of.

The desert was some yummy chocolate and vanilla mousse ala Jan Horak. Don't you think a man who can cook is just too sexy?

 Later, after Rita and Andre had left, Cupcake decided she wanted some attention from both Franco and Liani. Little bitch even nudged their hands whenever they stopped rubbing her tummy. :)

Remember to read the novel and vote in the poll! Voting ends on Friday, when I'll be reviewing The Perks of being a Wallflower. So, if you haven't yet, get your hands on a copy and read!! (I haven't started yet either... :P)

Stay beautiful and be kind to animals,



  1. The food was divine - and the company even better! Next time, it will be my turn to invite all of you! Thanx again for all your trouble, it was a success like always! Lovies

    1. Thanx friend! It's no trouble to eat and kuier with those people close to us! Love you all to bits!!

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