Friday, 1 March 2013

The power of foundation!

Hello beauties!

These days, I don't even stay at home all day without my foundation. My skin has been really bad for a while now and I've been trying out an array for products to get it under control. It comes in waves and stages when it will be better and I'll have only one or two spots. Other times (you'll know when...) I have a massive breakout on both my face and back, which sucks.

So, it's a good thing two of my favourite beauty gurus have done foundation and acne covering videos in the last while. But, before we get to that, some foundation before and afters, so you can see the difference THE RIGHT COLOUR foundation can have on your skin. If you want to know more about foundation in its different kinds, I did a pretty elaborate post on it here.

I've got four videos for you on this topic. One by Jen from From Head to Toe, which covers her own acne problem as well as her daily foundation routine.

Then I have three from Kandee Johnson. One is a heavy coverage routine, one is a light coverage for teenagers and those who don't need a full face of foundation, and the third is specifically on spot covering.

I decided to throw in this video at the last moment, because it shows how powerful foundation really can be.

Have a fabulous weekend! I'll have a weekend in pictures post for you on Monday, because we actually have some plans this weekend! Gasp! Can't wait to see my lovely friends Rita-Mari and Andre, as well as Franco and the bestie. :)

Speaking of Franco, when last were you over at LF Photography's blog? Awesome photos taken by amazing photographers is always worth the see. And I'm not just saying this because they're our friends! They're really, REALLY, incredible with the photo thing! Go have a look!

Also, on The Chef Mother, you can learn to make yummy sweet and sour pork and sticky toffee pudding today, ala Johnny Depp. Mmmmm. (:

Stay beautiful and be kind to animals,