Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Things you never thought you could do with old jeans...

Hello beauties!

It's been way too long since I've had a craft-spiration on this blog. I'm planning on making up for that today by bombarding you with ideas for old jeans. You know, those ones you loved so much, you wore them until they were fraying and falling apart, and now you're too sentimental to get rid of them... :) Well, you may not have to get rid of them after all. Get out your craft, folks, coz have I got some ideas for you!!

Just a side note here, please ask your mom's permission before you start cutting up pants... I'll take no responsibility for the shouting match that's sure to follow if you upcycle your best pair of jeans!

1) Make a cover for your phones or tablets or kindles or ipads (well, you get the picture...)!

 2) Howz about a new tote or shopping bag? And the plus side here is denim is stronger than most other fabrics, so your bag should be rip-free.

3) You can make an assortment of cool DIY jewellery. Some cool collar chokers, perhaps? Or some funky cuffs? Maybe some pretty broaches? Or stylin' hair accessories? If you can think it, you can make it!!

 4) Organisers for your desk or place of work. I saw some of these for hair styling tools, like straightners and dryers!!

5) Turn old jeans into new clothes! You can find a TON of tutorials for doing this on Google.


6) How about stitching a bunch of old jean's cut into strips together to create an edgy welcome or bathroom mat? 

7) Here are some funny and innovative home decor ideas, using old jeans in new and wacky ways!!

8) How about some seasonal decor ideas? You can wrap gifts in old jean pockets, or make cool wreaths or even upcycle your favourite jeans into cool stockings at Christmas time. :)

9) Pillows! Pillows galore! And again, you can make these so interesting and SO COOL!!

10) Maybe you want to make something for the kitchen? How about cool pot stands or toasters? Or these useful oven mitts? Or a new apron?

11) Have a lot of craft-stuff? Why not make a cool roll-holder for them? Take this to school for all your pens and pencils! How about all your paintbrushes and maybe even paint! I'm thinking makeup brushes would roll up so well this way... And the plus is, if it gets dirty, you can actually throw it in the wash!

12) This is probably my favourite use for all those old jeans... Upholster something! You can have the coolest home made covering for your favourite chair, from your favourite jeans!

Do you have cool ideas for old jeans? Lemme know!

Stay beautiful and be kind to animals,



  1. Oh no! I just recently threw all the odd pieces out!

    1. Eeeek! We could have had the coolest Christmas jeans gifts! (Not to mention baby stuff...) :D

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  3. Do you have any tutorial videos on how to make the tablet cover? I like so many of the ideas that are shown. Thanks Miranda

    1. I don't personally, but I'm sure you'll find something on Pinterest or YouTube. Happy crafting!