Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Two stripes

Hello beauties!

What happens when this happens? :

Life changes forever!

We found out yesterday that I'm 4 weeks pregnant! And quite frankly, our minds are blown. Our first baby will arrive in December and I hope you'll allow me to share this journey with you on the blog.

I did no less than three (3!!) home pregnancy tests and a blood test, because I just couldn't believe the two stripes on all these tests. I've always been slightly crazy! There is no feeling on earth, like when that second stripe appears, even though I must admit the initial shock of it had me in tears.

In fact, I'm so excited I can cry all day long (though that might just be the pregnancy hormones...) and at the same time, I'm pretty scared! Haha! I'm sure every first time mother feels this way along the line.

We're so thankful for the opportunity granted to us from Above to raise our own little miracle. Jellybean is still a little speck, but immensely loved already.

And now the games begin! Doctors, cravings, more doctors, hormones, morning sickness, doctors and nurses, and all kinds of funky things are in our future. Grandparents and loved ones, get ready!! Let the shopping begin.

Stay beautiful and be kind to animals (and pregnant ladies),

Yolandie and Jellybean


  1. Congrats!! Love to hear these stories…..

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