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Home remedies for various rashes

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Earlier this week, I got a message from my cousin Evette, who suggested I do this post. She'd gotten some jewellery and a rash appeared on her neck because of the new bling. She wanted to know what things in her kitchen could soothe her skin and I did some research for this blog post. I've done a similar one, when I talked about home remedies for wax rashes, and some of the entries here are pretty much dead on. So excuse if you've read this before!!

The rashes I'm talking about today can be caused by jewellery, clothes, insect bites, plants and other random things. These remedies are said to work for most of these things, but may not work for you specifically. If the rash won't go away and it's causing you grief, go see a doctor. :)

On to the remedies.

Oatmeal and honey are two wonder cures you can remember for any skin rashes. There are a couple ways to go about using these two things.

One, add a cup of raw oatmeal to your bath and soak in it. This is said to reduce any rashes. You can also add honey to the water, as well as chamomile, tea tree oil, milk, cornstarch and baking soda.

Two, make a paste of oatmeal and honey and apply it to the area you need it. Honey is an antiseptic, and you can use it for everything from a sore throat to a face mask. It's excellent.

Baking soda. This is another of those products you have in the kitchen that can be used to do almost a ton of beauty related things. I've heard it to be a good replacement for shampoo (one I won't be trying myself, thank you), a great way to treat acne and a wonderful home teeth whitener.

But for the purposes of treating a rash, mix it with water to make a paste and apply it to the rash. Leave on for a few minutes and rinse. But be warned, I can imagine this one will burn.

 You can bathe the rash in chamomile tea, or take a bath in crushed chamomile flowers.
Here's another of those versatile products in your cupboard. Olive oil can be applied directly to the rash to soothe it. It can also be mixed into the following paste :

1 Tablespoon olive oil
2 Garlic cloves
10 - 15 Basil leaves
Some salt and pepper

Mash those together to form a paste and apply it to the affected areas.

Tea tree oil and Vitamin E oil. Tea tree is excellent for most skin conditions. I've personally treated acne with it and it works better than most fancy products you can buy. And my vitamin E oil goes on everything from burns to scarring to pimples.

It's no wonder then that these two are excellent rash treatments. You can either apply them clean to the affected area, or dilute them with water.

Other oils that work for rashes are cod liver, calendula, wheat germ and burdock root oil.

Some other things you can try :

* Cold compress.
* Apply glycerine to the rash.
* Apply aloe vera gel.
* Make a paste of mint leaves and apply that to the rash.
* Drink a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar and teaspoon of honey mixed in water three times daily.

My sources : Link and Link.

I hope this helps!!

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