Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Jellybean's stuff

Hello beauties!

Hope you had an awesome Easter weekend and could spend a lot of time with family and friends. I know I did. Just want to take the time right here to give a big shout out to Franco and Liani, who are back from their trip. Glad to have you home, and we can't wait to see you!!

I thought I'd share with you all the gifts we've been receiving for Jellybean so far. Don't know who Jellybean is? Click here.

But before I share all the goodies with you, just an update. I'm six weeks now and I'll see my gynaecologist at around ten weeks. The reason for this is I struggled madly to get an appointment anywhere, but found someone with an opening in their schedule eventually. The other reason is they don't usually see expecting parents before 8 weeks, because then they can see the heartbeat clearly and most of the organs are developed (or developing nicely) and functional.

At six weeks, the heart is developed and beating faster than my own, and most of the other major organs are coming on quickly. The eyes, nose, jaw and chin are developing now as well!! It's really awesome.

As far as I'm concerned, I've been having a pretty bad case of the morning sickness. Well, in my case, all-times-of-the-day-except-evening-sickness. It's been pretty bad and I tell you, it's not pleasant, especially when I'm supposed to be getting in the nutrients Jellybean needs (the umbilical cord's functional already).

But I'll keep calm and carry on. I've been trying out various remedies for the nausea, from ginger pops to cream crackers and every home remedy in between, and I find flat Coke works the best. If you're from another country and you don't know what the well I'm talking about, I mean Coke a Cola (not the powdery, white kind of coke!!) which has had the fizz removed. I'll keep you updated though!!

Thank you all for your kindness, emails and congratulations. :)

OK. On to the baby stuff. My parents and extended family have been like little kids, buying all the baby goodies their little hearts desire. Most of the family has decided Jelly's probably a little girl, so I've even been getting Hello Kitty things. Hahaha!!

Don't you just love it!! Thank you to everyone who's bought something for little Jellybean so far. We really appreciate it and it warms our hearts to have so many people love him / her already.

Stay beautiful and be kind to animals,



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    1. Haha! We still need all the big stuff, like a crib, stroller, car seat and so on. And then nappies!! :)

  2. Thanx for the shout out! Cant wait to get together soon. Love ya stax girl xxxxx