Tuesday, 9 April 2013

My favourite baby room ideas

Hello beauties!!

So, I'm seven weeks now. Basically, Jellybean is as big as a blueberry (which is just about 10,000 times as big as he/she was at conception...). The arms and legs are developing, though they look more like little paddles at this stage. For the first time, the umbilical cord is visible and his/her liver is starting to create red blood cells (which the bone marrow will take over at some stage).

I already have 10% more blood in my system (a number which will go as high as 45% towards the end of the pregnancy.) and I still have those lovely (sarcasm) all-day-sickness-symptoms. I had a pretty bad week last week, but since Friday afternoon it's been going A LOT better. I hope this will keep up!

I'll do an update on the gifts we've received for Jellybean next week sometime. But today, I want to share some of the nursery room ideas I love. At first, I wanted to paint a whole scene of some kind on one of the walls, but my mind's moving all the more towards simpler kinds of decor. Maybe paint a wall a solid colour and add some decal stickers to it. You get such nice ones these days! Otherwise, we can cut the shapes out of wood and paint them and add to the wall. Or paint polka dots or stripes or argyle or diamonds!! Man, my mind is so overloaded...

But here are my favourites:

If you stumble across some awesome baby room ideas, send em to me!! :)

Stay beautiful and be kind to animals,


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