Monday, 29 April 2013

My weekend in pictures - Birthdays galore!

Hello beauties!

Here's to hoping your weekend was fun. :) It was my hubby's birthday on Saturday and we celebrated Franco's up and coming birthday on Sunday, so it was a busy one. I didn't take as much pics as I thought I would, but here's the ones I have.

On Friday night, I took Jan out for dinner for his 28'th. We went to Brightwater Commons in Randburg, hoping we'd see the water fountains, but alas, it would not be. They're filling up the last part of water left! But anyway, we went to dinner at McGinty's Irish pub and had a really lovely time there, only to remember back to our time in the UK and wish we were still there...

We forgot to take phodies of the food when it was brought out and Jan remembered about halfway through that I'd asked for pics for the blog. So this is what was left of our food by that time. But I tell you, it was delicious. I had the beef snitchel, which came with mushroom sauce, broccoli with melted cheese, sweet carrots and chips, and Jan had the beef and Guinness pot pie, which also came with chips. His pie was absolutely GORGEOUS and I was really sorry I hadn't ordered that as well (though my food was great too). He rounded off his meal with a beer, and I stuck with passion fruit and lemonade (pregnancy craving...). We skipped desert and went straight home after, because I was starting to feel queasy.

We had loads of family over on Saturday for his birthday, of which we don't have a single picture. But at least we have one of one of the cakes. There were three. I told you, loads of family!! :) I'm really sorry for the lack of photos. I wasn't feeling well at all when the first guests arrived, and by the time I was feeling better, it had completely slipped my mind. :)

But at least you can see one of the cakes. Our guests polished two of these over the course of the day, so once again it's been proven that my mother in law is one mean cook! Thanks mom for baking these, I wouldn't have been able to stand the raw eggs... :P

For my birthday next month, we've decided to go do a buffet dinner somewhere. So familiez, start saving. :D

Of course, I got some gifts too for Jellybean, so it was a cool dual birthday for us! I'll take pics of all Jelly's stuff and scan the sonar photo and share that with you tomorrow.

On Sunday we went over to the bestie's for Franco's birthday. And I tell you, I'm impressed with Liani for baking this one!! It looks awesome!! Your kiddies are going to have the coolest birthday cakes ever!

And that's all I have of the weekend. Sunday evening we ate hotdogs and we chilled out. As I write this, it's still Sunday evening and we may even watch a movie later. I've been really wanting to see Pitch Perfect, so we might just kick back to that.

Here's just a reminder to get your vote on for the online novel. I really appreciate the support and all of the positive remarks you've been sending me. I have noted that some of you are upset that your character didn't win in the last poll, so I'll be adding Rocket and Dusk as two of the companions in the next episode. That was really my idea from the start, I'm not going to make up these characters and simply not use them!! (: But thank you all for supporting me once again, it means more to me than you know.

And as a last word, just a heads up that I won't be posting on Wednesday, because it's a South African public holiday. We're expecting more family and visits, so I'll be otherwise occupied. :)

Stay beautiful and be kind to animals,


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