Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Nail art with Anschke

Hello beauties!

Before I give over to Anschke, just a reminder that the voting closes today, so please remember to read and to vote in the online novel for the last time this episode. The story continues on Friday!

Hey guys,

I am honored to be back on The Bloomin' Couch today.

I will be doing a nail art look you can achieve with a (drum-roll) TOOTHPICK. It is quite easy and looks pretty awesome.

What you need:

a old CD,
Three different nail-polish colours (I used purple, silver and dark green)
Clear top and base coat,
nail polish remover and
a cotton-bud.

Step one: file and paint the base coat over your nail.

Step two: when the base coat is dry paint the whole nail with colour of your choice (I used purple) wait till dry before doing next step.

Step three: we are going to make the branches of the tree. With different colour nail-polish, drip a drop on the CD and dip the toothpick in the drop on the CD. Start from the bottom of your nail and make a straight line up the nail (not all the way to the top) at the end I made a little swirly. After that you will make more branches coming out that one. You can make as many as you want. 

Step four: drip the third colour on the CD (this is for the flowers). Using the other side of the toothpick dip it in the drop of colour. I made three dots at every branch (but this will also depend on how you want it) on my thumb I made a little bit more flowers so that you can see what it looks like.

Step five: paint the clear top coat.

Step 6: dip cotton-bud in nail polish remover and clean the skin around the nail AND voila you're done. Easy hey??
Hope this helps you. A toothpick is a wonderful dotting tool if you don't have one. Also it makes nice thin lines.
Good luck!!
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Thank you Landie for having me on your blog today!!


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