Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Nails with Anschke!

Hello beauties!

We have another guest blogger today. This is Anschke from Love Life by Anschke. Share some love and follow her blog, she has the coolest things on there!!

Anyway, today, she's got a nail tutorial for you, so without my ramblings for the rest of the blog, here's Anschke!!

Hey HEY, 

My name is Anschke, I'm Yolandie's youngest cousin. Firstly I just was to congratulate Yolandie and Jan on their little Jellybean. Jellybean you are blessed with two loving people God couldn't of picked better people to bring you up. P.S Landie just know he/she is going to be spoiled rotten by me and I'm first on that list of babysitters :P haha.

Then secondly a bit about me, I'm 16 turning 17 in May (can't wait because then I can get my learners yay me), I love people, I laugh a lot, I LOVE FOOD, and my favorite hobby is Juggling. :) Mmmm think that sums me up. Today I'm doing a nail tutorial.

So first I filed my nails I filed it short because some of them was miss shaped (quick TIP file your nail in one direction eg. just left, going left and right is bad for the nail). And I added a clear coat of nail-polish, some nail-polishes colour you nail and this helps to prevent it.

Next I painted my nail pink (you can use any colour you want.) Wait for it to dry before doing the next step.

On my ring finger I put a strip of tape diagonally. I painted it blue. Wait till dry

I took a black nail-polish and a stripper and made a strip at the edge of the blue diagonal. 

Lastly I used a dotting tool and made white dots on the black line and added a top coat. Just clean around the nails and you're done!

This is something easy and looks cool. If you want you can do it on all your or just the one.

That's all for now. Have a wonderful day filled with Love.


Anschke xx

PS. OK, before I end this blog today, just a reminder to READ AND VOTE!! The plot is thickening in this little novel of mine... Bwahahahahaaaaaaaa!! :)

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