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Part Five!

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So, the story continues today. But before I put you out of your misery and just get to it, I have to explain some things. We had a massive problem with the poll for this episode. For some reason, it didn't pick up all the votes (Jan and I tried to vote to test it and that vote just never showed up on the poll) and it sometimes reset to five votes, even if it showed another number just hours before it reset. We don't know why this happened and I'm really sorry about it. If it happens in another poll, I'll sort it out sooner. 

Because of this whole vote mess, I've combined the two options with the most votes to keep everyone happy. The last time I counted the votes before they reset, it came down to a tie anyway and I have no idea how many people tried to vote for one or the other and couldn't. I hope you understand this and won't come stalk me with a pitchfork!

Thank you to all of you who have been very supportive and enthusiastic about this project of mine. I appreciate all the mails and messages you guys send me! And I'll try to keep Roxanne's story interesting. Remember to send me ideas for the title and random things you would like to see happen, and I'll try to incorporate your input.

As always this is all copyrighted to me.

OK. Now that all of that has been said, on to the newest episode.

Part Five
There was silence in the room for some time before the Storyteller smiled fondly at Roxanne. "There are two reasons why we need you, Roxanne. For one, you carry your own book. This in itself is special, because no one else in the world can do so."
"I don't understand." Roxanne said quietly.
"In truth, neither do we! Not even the Storytellers through the ages have been able to hold their own stories. But you've been reading from your own book, even as your story was being written. It is a phenomenon we cannot explain. This also means that your book is not in the hands of the Trickster, and that he cannot damage or destroy it, which makes you a strong opponent. He has no sway over you and he would have to take it from you to hurt it in any manner." the Storyteller explained, his features thoughtful.

She nodded, even though it was all very strange to her. Oliver grinned encouragingly at her. "What is the second reason?" Roxanne wondered aloud.

"Well, you have the ability to repair any book." said the Storyteller.

Roxanne frowned. "Any book?"

"Yes. You've been carrying your own book around wherever you went, and not a single mark of decay has crossed it. It looks brand new, does it not?" the blind man asked.

Roxanne took out her book. The cover was pristine white and had not even a single spot of dirt on it. It still cracked as she opened it, to reveal perfectly crisp pages, completely brand new, with the black text printing flawlessly as the thoughts entered her mind. Even where her fingers had handled the pages there had been left no mark. And when she thought about it, Roxanne realised that she'd always been very protective of her books, even back at home.

She'd always wanted her books to look brand new, even after they'd been read a couple of times.

"What does all of this mean?" she asked after a while.

The Storyteller looked at her once again, his strange unseeing eyes taking her in, as if he could make out every detail that defined her. "Dear Roxanne, it simply means you can repair any book."

"Any book." Oliver echoed, his dark blue eyes willing the answer into her mind.

It dawned on her very suddenly. "Any book..." she whispered and closed her eyes. "You want me to find and repair the Trickster's book, don't you?"

The Storyteller nodded. "I believe you can do it, Roxanne, if you are willing to try. It would right a wrong in the world, one that has been allowed to rage free for far too long. And if the Trickster's book can be repaired, all the other books can be saved as well; and all of the lives connected to them by extension. Order would be restored and there would be peace in Araheim once more. But we'll understand if you do not want to do this."

She thought for a long while about everything she had learned. She thought about going home and writing this all off as a weird dream, but then she thought of all the people in this world. Her compassion fought a long battle with her sanity, but won in the end. If all of the citizens of Araheim's lives depended on her, she wouldn't let them down, even if it meant she was stark-raving mad. She would set out and find this Trickster and she would do whatever she could to help.
"Alright. But I have no idea where to find him." she said at last, extracting brilliant smiles from both men in the room.

"I knew we could count on you!" the Storyteller laughed. "But come, we must outfit you for your journey and introduce you to your companions!"

Following the Storyteller, Roxanne and Oliver walked through the halls of the palace. He winked at her and Roxanne was suddenly afraid that she would go on this quest without him. She wanted to ask him to come along, but never had the chance to.

They reached a room filled with many men in white coats and a noise to accompany it. There were small flying machines and gadgets, each puffing steam as they worked. And right in the middle of it all was a very tall man, who smiled in greeting at them.

"You must be Roxanne. Welcome! I am Master Engineer Quimby."

Roxanne smiled at the man, but before she could speak, there was a loud explosion and a large flying machine fell through the roof. "Ah, good. The first of your companions arrives!" the Storyteller exclaimed, while a form was climbing out of the crashed machine and through the smoke towards them.

Who is Roxanne's first companion?
Rocket, an orange haired, slightly crazy female engineer.
Butterbeard, a dwarf with an axe and an attitude.
Lord Reinhart, a fearless (and somewhat stupid) knight.
Dusk, a sneaky and humorous female bard.

And that's this time's instalment. Now you need to vote. Please let me know if you have any trouble voting, and if you do, just vote in a comment below this post. I promise I'll count all of the votes, those in the poll and those as comments. But hopefully it'll work out this time. I probably made a mistake with the code when I copied it. :)

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