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Part Six!

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As promised, the story continues today. But first, if you are preggers like me, cast thine eyes upon The Chef Mother's blog today, to learn more about breastfeeding vs baby formula. Interesting stuff!

Also be sure to tune in on Monday for my weekend in pictures (I should be able to get some snaps of this weekend, it's the hubster's birthday tomorrow and Franco's birthday celebration on Sunday.) and a Jellybean update on Tuesday. I saw the little munchkin on a sonar for the first time yesterday and heard the little heart beat!! :D WOWNESS! I'll share all of this next week. :)

On to the story!

Part Six

Dust hung thick in the air all around them and the people waved in an attempt to clear it.

"Confounded machine! Why doth your 'up' not go up! Why must you so annoy me!" the figure in the flying machine shouted, before he started laughing merrily. "Death! Once more I defy you! I laugh in your face once again!" he called, for it was obviously a he, and laughed again.

"Typical of him to crash a brand new flying machine. He doesn't know his 'up' from 'down', nor 'left' from 'right'. In fact, I'd be surprised if he could write down his own name..." Oliver breathed at Roxanne with a grin and a wink.

As the figure finally stepped out of the smoke, Roxanne took him in. He was not at all what she'd expected. He pulled off a dented metal helmet with a bright crimson plume and tossed it noisily to the ground. His hair and moustache were brilliant blonde, casting a halo about his head in the dust. His eyes were cool blue and his face was very angular; all straight lines and squared. He was much taller than any man Roxanne had ever seen and he was clad in shining silver armour, plated and chained from top to bottom. On his left arm was a large shield, on which was painted a deep red circle with a mace and sword crossing each other. In his left hand he held a sword, much larger than anything Roxanne could imagine, even from movies and television.

He laughed again when his eyes met hers. "This fair lady must be the brave Roxanne, come from a world apart to assist us in our need! How the songs shall praise her beauty and her courage in yonder years! I pledge myself to thee, valiant Roxanne!" he said and dropped to one knee on the last sentence.

Roxanne had no idea how to react. "Tell him to rise." Oliver whispered into her ear.

"Uh... rise. Sir... knight?" she managed.

The knight did as she asked and came towards her, swept her hand into his and kissed it gently. He towered above her and smiled down at her, and in that moment, Roxanne knew he was none too bright. In his eyes was fearlessness, but also a vacancy that testified of stupidity and she understood what Oliver had meant earlier.

"Roxanne, this is Lord Reinhart, a knight of Araheim. You'll find no truer heart in the whole of the kingdom to accompany you on your Quest. He is the bravest member of his order and skilled in many combat styles." the Storyteller said in introduction.

"Most kind Teller of tales! A man above all others! Our fearless and magnificent ruler! I live but to serve thee!" Reinhart said, bowing deeply.

"Now now, Reinhart. Don't get too excited." the Storyteller chided and the knight rose to face Roxanne again, smiling an impish smile.

"I'm pleased to meet you, sir knight." Roxanne said.

"So eloquent!" the tall man called out, falling to a knee once again. "Such a rare blossom between thorns! Such a spark of light between dark clouds! Such a noble hearted..."

Roxanne looked at Oliver for aid, but he just sniggered and shook his head. She was starting to realise that Reinhart loved the sound of his own voice and would speak for as long as he was allowed to.

"Who else is coming with Lord Reinhart and myself?" she asked, cutting a still rambling Reinhart off and turning her gaze to the blind eyes of the Storyteller.

"There are some others who wish to join you if they may. All should be assembled before long. But first, Master Quimby has some aid to offer." the Storyteller said, turning to the elderly man Roxanne had met before Reinhart crashed through the roof.

Quimby gladly took over the conversation, leading the small group this way and that through the busy room, to the never ceasing stream of compliments and praises from Reinhart. He handed her a backpack, filled with food and necessities for the journey. Of course, Reinhart yanked the pack from her hands and slung it over one of his own broad shoulders, even as Quimby handed him one too. She was happy to see Oliver taking one of the packs as well and he winked at her again, making her heart beat faster.

The Engineer then went on to give Roxanne a small energy pistol, which fired beams of raw energy when the trigger was pulled. "Here's a useful thing. It charges by the sun, so be sure to carry it on your weapon belt, so the rays of the sun will keep it in working condition." he said in explanation.

He gave Oliver a pistol too, as well as a shotgun, which worked on the same principle. He gave them water bottles that would keep its content cool, and would purify any water poured into it. There were many other gadgets and things, but the most important thing he gave them was a small electronic box, which could project a map onto the ground below it. "With this, you'll always know where to go next. You'll never get lost as long as you have it."

They took their leave of Master Quimby and started back to the throne room where Roxanne had first met the Storyteller.

"This is where I must bid you farewell, for even as the day draws to a close, I must beg you to make haste and set out immediately. I thank you once again for your willingness to help us, Roxanne and I wish you speed and success. Until again we meet." the Storyteller said.

Before Roxanne could say a word, she was ushered out of the room by her two companions and they were suddenly back outside the palace. She breathed in the fresh air and looked searchingly at Oliver. "So it's going to be just the three of us after all?"

Oliver laughed. "In spite of his size, if you reckon in his mental capacity, I'd say we're closer to two and a half." Roxanne punched his arm and looked at Reinhart, who seemed not to hear the insult. Oliver went on as if nothing had happened. "The others will find us on the road. But for now, I'd say we better get some ground covered and find a shelter for the night."

"Where to then?" she asked.

"North." Oliver answered, and they set out without another word.

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