Thursday, 11 April 2013

Rolling through the Bay - Scott Weaver

Hello beauties!

Can you say toothpicks? Lots of them? Maybe like one hundred thousand of them? Well, Scott Weaver started this incredible sculpture, made out of toothpicks from all over the world, 35 years ago. And he's still working on it, even now. The detail just boggles the mind! Here's some shots of his work.

The best of all of this is, these are real landmarks in and around San Francisco! And, ping pong balls can roll through the entire sculpture. It's bloomin' amazing, if you ask me. Check out this video to see the balls roll through the sculpture.

That's awesome!!

Just a heads-up for tomorrow. Since there were so many problems with the poll, I'm going to be combining the two most voted for options, because I have a feeling many people voted for both, only to have their votes get lost somehow. These technological glitches are annoying, but heck, where would we be without technology? So tune in tomorrow for the online novel update!!

Stay beautiful and be kind to animals,


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