Monday, 15 April 2013

Some awesome makeup looks

Hello beauties!

I trust you had a good weekend. Mine was OK. We spent the majority of the time at home, because I haven't been feeling all that well. Ah well, even this shall pass. :)

I've rounded up some pretty amazing makeup looks for you, all of which are on my Pinterest. The first of these looks are all by the amazing Linda Hallberg.

I think that woman is absolutely brilliant! Her makeup ideas are always flattering and fresh. But anyway, here are the rest of the very cool makeup inspirations I have for you today.

 I thought all of these were beautiful. I love the use of colour as a simple way to change a look completely. Please send me pictures of your makeup if you feel like experimenting!!

Anyway. Please remember to vote on the poll for the novel. If you've already voted, I'm going to ask you nicely to do it again, because the poll was broken again. I've deleted it and tried an external poll widget, which seems to be working fine. Apparently Google polls are known for these kinds of problems and there's no way to fix it. So I'll be trying out some different poll creators, until I find one I love. I'm really sorry for this whole mess. :)

Stay beautiful and be kind to animals,


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