Thursday, 2 May 2013

Crafts with old CD's

Hello beauties!

As promised, I have a craft filled blog for you today, but before I get to that, just a reminder to read and vote in the online novel. Once again, the options are tied, so I'm counting on you to pick a winner. :)

Right then, on to the crafts. Today I've got some craft-spiration for you using old CD's. So get the glue and glitter!!

 1) Make cool clocks. You can do a variety of things to glam up the CD's and make striking clocks!

 2) How about some cool Christmas decorations!

 3) You can make cool mosaics with broken or cut CD's. Just don't hurt yourself with these, those edges are sharp!!

You can even add some extra bling to a pair of old shoes, if you wanted to walk around with disco balls on your feet...

 4) Make cool coasters by sticking colourful paper and some varnish on the CD's.

5) You can also make spinning wheels for kids and entertain them for hous!

6) Use the CD's as cool name disks in your kids room, funky labels on your craft supplies or even for a welcome sign. Anything you can think of!

 7) Owls are so in right now, so why now make some cute owls for your garden, or even use them as a simple craft activity for your kids.

8) You can make these simple but striking candle holders with old CD's and marbles. Look at the cool light effect!!

9) Remodel a wall using old CD's! I've always wanted to do something like this in our study.

10) As always, for the extremist, you can make a... ahem... comfy looking chair with stacks of old CD's/ And it shouldn't be too difficult to make either.

Anyway, hope you get some inspiration from this and make something cool!!

Stay beautiful and be kind to animals,


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