Tuesday, 14 May 2013

How to blow dry naturally curly hair

Hello beauties!

Drying curly hair is a lot more difficult than straight or wavy hair, because of the texture. But there are some easy techniques you can follow to get your hair dry and looking amazing, without too much hassle or time. Famous curly haired beauties include Taylor Swift, Halle Berry and Alex Kingston, aka River Song. (How I love that woman!!)

And so, in keeping with my promise after last week's post about blow drying hair, here's a post on drying your curly locks. I've got four vids for you, of which two show you how to use a diffuser to dry your curly hair, in different ways. As a bonus, I've found videos on both long and short hair for this!!

Because all of us always want different hair than we naturally have, I included two videos showing how to blow dry curly hair straight, one on yourself and the other if you have to do it for someone else, and both of these videos do it without the help of a straightener.

Obviously, you're going to need a blow dryer for both of these methods, with either the diffuser or nozzle attachments. If you don't know what a diffuser is, it's the big round attachment at the bottom of the hair dryer, as pictured here.

You're also going to need some brushes for the straightening part, but I already did a post on brushes and combs, so click here for more on that. It's got the breakdown on what size brushes to use, as well as what different brushes and combs are used for etc.

On to the videos then!! First, the diffuser ones.

Now on to straightening. I apologise for using a video with such bad sound quality (the last one), but I couldn't find another video that showed the process of getting the hair straight so well. I tell you, there are thousands of vids showing how to straighten hair with a flat iron, but few good ones that show how to blow dry it straight!! :)

Next time in this little hair basics series, we'll talk about the other tools of the trade, the flat and curling irons and how to use them. I'll probably include straight and curly hair then, because the technique's not so different for the different hair types.

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