Thursday, 30 May 2013


Hello beauties!!

It's with great excitement that I write this post today. For a pretty long time, I've been telling you about the novel that I wrote and the fact that it was a life dream of mine to get it published. Today I can finally tell you that it's become a reality and my little novel is available for purchase!!

Whoop whoop!!

It's called 'The Rise of the Exile Queen' and is the first installment of a trilogy.

Now I'll answer all the questions you may have about this!!

What is it about? :

In a world not too unlike our own, but with a steampunk vibe to it (aka Victorian era clothing, morals and ideas, meets very futuristic technology driven by steam) you'll find the Kingdom of Beregor, where the whole story plays off.

Almost 300 years before our story starts, the Halloran line wages war on the High Queen Abigail Eldridge and takes control of the Kingdom, killing off all of her family. Of course, as these things go, one of the infant Princesses is rescued by the Honour Guard and they flee with her, and one of the Royal line survives. They found the Catacombs, an Underground City, where the true Royal line flourishes, until such time as they are strong enough to retake Beregor from the usurper King. But they never do, because the Queens become complacent with time and enjoy the luxuries the Catacombs can offer too much.

Eva, our heroine, is the Princess Heir and follower to the Throne. She's a stubborn and impulsive girl, but easily makes friends and is loyal to her last hair. She was born in the Catacombs, but realises early on in her life that she isn't content with living out her days Underground. 

After some events, Eva is exiled at age thirteen by her own mother in a power play, along with her ten year old sister, Mallory. The two Princesses end up on the Surface, alone and defenceless. But they make it work, through enslavement, torture and many hardships, surviving for seven years, until our story starts.

Of course, Eva isn't happy with the way things are done on the Surface, having lived it first hand. The tyrant King enslaves all of his subjects and they're impoverished and hungry, just waiting for someone to change their fates. So Eva and her friends fight to reclaim a Kingdom rightfully hers, as well as to gain the aid of those left behind in the Catacombs. 

Will I like it? :

This is teenage / young adult fiction, but I've had older ladies and even guys read and like it too!! So you'll probably love it if you liked the Twilight Saga, The Hunger Games, The Harry Potter series and similar works. You'll also love it if you like strong female characters, adventure and action, romance (though romance isn't the focal point), far off worlds and intrigue. It's a lighter read than works like the Lord of the Rings trilogy, but offers the same epic fantasy and feeling of fellowship.

Who should buy it?


Where can I get it? :

At this stage, it's only available as an e-book on all of the Amazon stores world wide. 
And please feel free to search for it in your neck of the woods (for a price in your currency)!! My South African family and friends can buy it here

Is it available in print?

Not yet, folks. But eventually, I want to make it available in hard copy as well. If the book does well enough on the Amazon store and I have the funds to print some copies, I'll do that and let you know. :)

Who's that on the cover? 

Well, if you can't guess, you must be new here!! :P My beautiful (and all round amazing) bestie, Liani, was gracious enough to pose for the cover image and I did the art. Of course, Franco took the picture. :D


Ayup. It's a mechanical spider and it's called Skit. You'll read all about the little critter in the book. At least it's not hairy... O_O

When is part two coming out?

Hopefully by June next year, part two will be available as well. And if all goes well, part three should be out by June 2015.

What happens in part two?

Wouldn't you love to know... Bwahahahahaaaaaa!

If you have more questions, please feel free to ask them here, or email me. I'd be happy to answer you!

As a last note from me, thank you to everyone who supported me in this project. I managed to mention the bulk of you in the Acknowledgements, but there are those of you who got left out. If you, at any stage, told me good luck, go for it or kudos, thank you so much. Without the people in my life I'd never have gotten this far. 

To all of my readers on the blog, thank you for your patience with me, even in the times where my blog posts became shorter and shorter, to make time to work on Exile Queen. Starting to write again here was what got me as far as finishing a novel, so I owe it all to you!

And if you like the novel, please tell your friends and family about it. Please spread the word and help me make a dream a reality! Because without you, it won't go any further than this. :)

Stay beautiful and be kind to animals (and novelists),


EDIT : If you happen to stumble by the Couch on Friday and you wonder why there's no new post, it's because I'm taking the day off in celebration. :) See you next week folks!


  1. Wow!!So proud of you. Your dream has finally come true!! I wouldn't miss it for the world! Love you. Mom xxx

  2. NIGGIEE!! soooooo trots op jou!! please don't forget us when you are famous neh!! LOVE YOU

    1. Thanx cuz!! And I could never forget you!! :)