Friday, 24 May 2013

Part Eight

Hello beauties!!

Today the story continues here on the Couch, with Roxanne and her friends in dire danger. But before we get to that, just a quick note. The poll closed on Wednesday night, and the last time I checked, just before closing, the votes were as follows; 3 for the lizard, 2 for the toad and one for the dragonfly. Thursday during the day some people added their votes, but these don't count. So the lizard won.

I've said this before, but I've had massive problems with Google's Blogger poll widget. It didn't allow people to vote at all, or showed the vote for a short amount of time before it vanished. So I've been trying other poll apps, but nothing has been just perfect yet. Bear with me here. :) The one I'm currently using is the best one I've found, but it doesn't have the option to close a poll on a specific date. So I'll only take votes into consideration that were made before the deadline, which is midnight (CAT) 5 June 2013.

On to the new installment!!

Part Eight

It was a massive, murky brown lizard, its tail flailing wildly to remove some swamp slime from it. The monsters eyes were no more than inky black slits and a dark forked tongue whipped from its mouth every now and again. The spikes on its back were greenish in colour and they were long and sharp enough to impale a man on. The creature roared again and stomped a clawed foot in the water, flinging up a stagnant spray over the party.

Rocket groaned, but remained down and Roxanne was afraid that her new companion had been seriously hurt.

Cookie made an inhumane noise and ran full speed at the monster, which was much faster than Roxanne had imagined the fat man could run. He had a cleaver in each hand, which he slammed into the lizard's huge front claw with a dull thud. Neither of his weapons had made a mark in the armoured scales on the creature's body and he lifted one of the cleavers, looking at it in disbelief. A chip had broken off the edge of the blade.

Reinhart had stormed the lizard while Cookie had inspected his weapon, and the knight yelled a battle cry as far as he ran. His shield arm moved of its own accord to block the lizard's tail, as it crashed towards him, while his sword sunk into the tip of the tail at the same time. A small chunk of tail splashed into the water as Reinhart readied his sword for another strike.

The lizard roared in pain and slammed the knight out of the way with a clawed paw. Dusk and Oliver rushed in at this stage. The small woman flitted in and out of the lizard's sight like a ghost, laughing all the while, even as Oliver battled much in the same way as Reinhart. Cookie struck once again, this time focussing both his cleavers on the same part of skin. He repeated the cycle until a thin line of blood became visible.

The knight got to his feet with a loud cry of; "Death! I doth defy thee once more!", and he ran back into battle.

While they were fighting the creature, Roxanne made her way to where Rocket had fallen, and was relieved to find the orange haired woman alive and breathing. Roxanne helped Rocket back to her feet and was surprised when she took out a small weapon, which looked like a pistol, but fired short beams of bright blue energy, and ran into combat as well.

Bursts of blue light joined the fight, lighting up the creature in a weird hue. Reinhart continued to attack and challenge death, while Dusk was here and there, laughing all the while, jumping in and out of sight. Oliver and Cookie continued to hack at the lizard, now lined with red all over, until it finally started to retreat.

It backed up a couple of paces, before it turned with a low moan and ran the other way. The lizard sunk into the murky water after some time and disappeared from sight completely. Cookie fished around in the water until he found the pieces of tail Reinhart had hacked off, and placed the meat in his pack with a shrug.

"Well." said Dusk.

"That was unfortunate." Cookie put in, looking sadly at his chipped cleaver.

"Everyone alright?" Oliver asked and all of the party members answered that they were. He seemed thoughtful for a moment before he said. "Maybe coming here wasn't my best idea."

"We've come this far, so we might as well push on." Rocket said.

"In this yucky mess? I'll have to bathe a whole week to get the stench out!" Dusk moaned.

Reinhart seemed excited. "There is much evil to vanquish here! I suggest we stay and rid the world of it!"

Oliver sighed. "What do you think Roxanne?"

She hated the attention suddenly focussed on her. What did she know of the route to take in a foreign world? She had no idea where to go next. But she remained silent for a while and mulled it over in her head before she answered. "Maybe we should just go on."

Dusk groaned, but the others seemed content with this decision. For the next seven days, they ploughed through the stinking, dreary mess which was the Grey Marshlands, before they finally reached a rocky cove and then fresh water.

"The Silver Spring." Oliver said in explanation. "Good place to set up camp for the night."

Dusk giggled gleefully and jumped into the water with a splash, turning on her back and swimming around for a while. The others set up camp and Cookie started to prepare the evening meal. Roxanne suppressed a shudder when he stared to clean the tail met from the lizard.

Just as the light started to fade, Roxanne thought she saw a figure in the twilight.

Now on to your vote!!

Who is watching them?
A spy sent by the Trickster.
A friend bringing a warning.
A travelling minstrel.
No one, Roxanne imagined it.
Have a fabulous weekend peeps!!

Stay beautiful and be kind to animals,


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