Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Pop it!

Hello beauties!!

Last week Wednesday we made popcorn. A lot of popcorn. We made yummy syrup to go with it, which becomes hard candy when it cools and makes for a candy-licious eating experience. And as promised, I'm going to share the recipe and some pics with you today!

First up, you need to pop some corn. :) As you can see, we popped more than you can imagine. But it went quickly with our hot air popper.

We popped about 6 cups of popcorn and then separated the unpopped kernels from the popped ones, so no teeth would get broken afterwards during the eating phase. :)

Then you can make the syrup. This recipe is per cup of popped popcorn and you can just multiply it if you pop more than a cup.

Syrup :

* 1 Cup sugar
* 1/4 Teaspoon white vinegar
* 1/4 Cup water
* 2 Tablespoons butter
* Pinch of cream of tartar
* Dash of food colouring of your choice.

1) Melt the butter in a pot.
2) Slowly add the other ingredients, except for the colouring.
3) Allow the mixture to come to a boil, stirring every now and then.
4) Stop stirring once the mixture has started to boil.
5) Turn off the heat once the mixture has thickened. We let it go until it reached the soft ball stage.
6) Remove the pot from the heat and add the colouring to the mixture. But be careful, because the sudden cold in the hot sugar can spatter!!
7) Once you have stirred in the colouring, you can add the mixture to the popcorn, stirring it in gently. BE CAREFUL, because hot sugar BURNS!!! Get someone to help you with this step to make it easier.
8) Allow to cool and you're done!

Here's how it went down.


I can promise you it was yummy. :) There is very little left of the popcorn, but I'm not to blame. I had a few pieces of sticky corn and called it a week, because this stuff gets in the teeth in all kinds of ways (and then there's the pregnancy nausea...). But I tell you Jan loved it! He could live off this sweet popcorn!!

Ironically, there's another kind of pop over at The Chef Mother today, popsicles! Haha! So you can go over there and learn to make some funky popsicles as well. It's a popping day in my family it seems. :P

And then just another reminder to read and vote. :)

Stay beautiful and be kind to animals,


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