Thursday, 9 May 2013

Simple blow-drying techniques

Hello beauties!!

I was talking to Liani the other day about her hair. You see, since I met her, her hair has always been short, except for the time before she got married, when she grew it out. I told her that she looked really cool with the long hair and she agreed, which brought us to this topic. Because she'd always worn her hair short, she didn't know how to style her longer hair. And I realised that even though I've basically had long hair for the most of my life, I didn't know how to do the basic styling techniques until I was out of high school.

So I thought I'd do a couple of posts on the very basics; how to blow-dry, how to flat iron, how to curl, how to style curly hair, how to style short hair and stuff like that. Because I figure there are a lot of people out there who are still learning about their hair, just as they're learning about makeup and for that matter, everything in life!! So if you have ideas for this series, please let me know.

Today we're talking about blow-drying hair. I found four videos which show different techniques and two have long hair, one has a bob hairstyle and one is for short hair, so everyone is covered. I'll do a post exclusively for curly hair, because I think our curly haired friends deserve a post just for themselves!! :)

Before we get to the videos, just what you're going to need. Obviously, a hair-dryer. The best kinds come with different heat settings and clip on attachments, like a nozzle and a diffuser. Mine is a Dischem brand one, and I promise you, after hundreds (that was a exaggeration) of hair-dryers, it's one of the best I've had. You don't need a GHD, but do some shopping and ask around before you purchase one. Then you're going to need brushes and / or combs. I did a pretty extensive post on that a while back, so I'm going to point you here if you want to learn more about the right brushes for your hair.

On to the videos!!

I really hope this post helped something. Even I learned a thing or two!! Haha!

Tune in tomorrow for part seven of the online novel. If you've fallen behind, no sweat! It's not so much to read and catch up. :)

Stay beautiful and be kind to animals,



  1. and now i'm growing it out again! thanx for the blog, I needed it! :)