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Your hair type

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We've been talking about hair here on the Couch and it struck me that we started all wrong. If you want to talk about the basics of hair, you should probably begin at the very beginning; hair type. Is your hair thick and curly or fine and straight? Normal, oily or dry? Well, today we're going to find out.

Let's talk about the texture and density of your hair. You can have coarse or fine hair, which just means the physical strands are either thin or thick. When it comes to density, it's about the total volume of hair growing on your head, as in; the more hair you have, the thicker it is; and the less hair you have, the finer it is.

Then it can be divided into three main groups, straight, wavy and curly (the state of your hair before you have styled or treated it).

It's easy to determine into which group you fall. Wash your hair like normal and let it dry. You can press some of the water out with a towel and you can air-, or blow dry it on a cool or warm setting (without styling products or brushing) to save some time. When your hair is completely dry and you look in a mirror, you should easily see what type of hair you have.

* Coarse hair will look puffy. It's difficult to manage and therefore difficult to style (and won't as easily hold a style for longer periods of time). Coarse hair will probably frizz a lot too, and often won't take dyes or chemical treatments well

* Fine hair, on the other hand, will hang pretty limply against your scalp. You struggle to get volume at the roots and the hair will fall flat again easily.

* Straight hair obviously hangs straight down, with no (or very little) wave to it. It's often difficult to curl (specially when it happens to be coarse as well!!) and won't hold the curl for long even when you manage it.

* Wavy hair has a natural bounce to it, and will probably have tighter curls here and there, with very loose waves in other places. It can get frizzy at times, but it could be worse. It's easy to style into curls, as well as straighten it (when you get the hang of it).

* Curly hair has tight curls, even in a wet state, which becomes tighter and frizzier as it dries. It's pretty difficult to manage and even more difficult to straighten. It's time consuming to get it dry and not have it look like a mop on your head. I have styling tips for you though! Click here.

Having said all of this, YOUR HAIR CAN BE ANY COMBINATION OF THESE!! It can be thick, but fine and straight, or thin but coarse and wavy. Don't be surprised if it works out that way!

No on to the type of hair you have :

* Dry hair is usually dull (doesn't shine as much) and the ends are split. It can also be difficult to brush and style and it tangles easily. Curly hair tends to be dry, because the natural oils produced by the scalp can't always make its way down to the tip of the hair through all the tangles.
* Normal hair will shine after it's been washed, but won't appear or feel greasy, even if some days after washing it. This hair type is easy to maintain, wash and colour.
* Oily hair will easily start to look greasy at the roots, especially when it's handled a lot. It usually starts to look really unclean on the second or third day after washing and can be accompanied by dandruff too.
* Combination hair has the oily roots of oily hair and the split ends of dry hair. This hair type is often caused by harsh chemicals in dyes and bleaches or overexposure to the elements. In other words, colour treated hair tends to fall in this group
* Dandruff can be present in any of these hair types! It depends on the state of your scalp.
* What I've just said here isn't the absolute beginning and ending. Chances are you have certain characteristics from more than one group mentioned here. These are just the basics.
* Take into account that your hair type can change, just as your skin type can. Hormones, health, ageing, weather, stress, chemical treatments and many other things can have an influence here. My hair, for instance, is much more oily since my pregnancy, and it grow much (MUCH) quicker now too.

Choosing a shampoo is easy! You now know what to look for in hair care products and you can shop pretty easily by just reading the label. There are pretty amazing products on the market to cover just about every kind of hair, and great ones to treat damage. If you're still not sure, ask your stylist to do a hair profile for you. They'll help you to find your hair type, but also analyze damage you might have and recommend treatments for you as well.

Boy, that was a mouthful. Here are my sources. :

If you want to know how to cut your hair to suit your face shape, I have a pretty extensive post on that here. Check it out!! And then I promise I'll do the post on straightening and curling irons next week. :)

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