Friday, 14 June 2013

Coolest parents

Hello beauties!

Keeping with yesterday's theme, I thought I'd share some parent pics with you today, which I found here.

I had a chuckle with these! But this last one is just too precious! How thoughtful is that?

There will be no post on the Couch on Monday, because it's a South African public holiday (Youth Day), and I'm spending it with my hubby, just chilling. But I'll see you all again on Tuesday.

Just some reminders from my side, before I send you off into the sunset for the weekend.

If you haven't read and voted on Roxanne's story yet, you have to get your vote on! The story continues next Friday (and the poll closes on Wednesday next week).

(Insert shameless self promotion here. :P ) And then, a lot of you are on summer vacation already, and schools close in SA next Friday for the winter holidays. So if you're looking for some vacation reading, I have something to recommend! Ever heard of The Rise of the Exile Queen by Y. Horak? Man, it's a great read!! If you're a fan of The Hunger Games, Harry Potter or Twilight, you're going to love this trilogy. It's got a bald girl with a massive tattoo and an attitude, a princess who kicks some serious ass, a couple of hunks and a mechanical pet spider. Check it out on Amazon here. It's available all over the globe, so get your copy today!! :D And if that isn't enough, read the Prologue here and a summary of it here.

Have a fantastic (long) weekend peeps!

Stay beautiful and be kind to animals,


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