Thursday, 6 June 2013

Hair basics : The in's and out's of straighteners and curling irons!

Hello beauties!!

We're talking irons today on the blog and I've got some videos showing you how to use both kinds. You all own either a curling wand or a flat iron and you probably use one or the other on a regular basis (I own one of both and I tend to use them only on special occasions. :) ). But people always have questions about these things. Can you use a flat iron to make curls? Can you use a curling iron to straighten your hair? How in the name of hair do I use the thing?

Today we're going to answer those questions!

But first, choosing the right tool for you.

Straightening irons. Most of those on the market today have ceramic heat pads, which are better for smoothing hair out. But make sure you pick one with a heat setting, and a slightly curved ceramic pad (aka, the edges should be slightly curved and not squared off) if you want the option of making curls with the flat iron. If it's squared off, you'll have kinks. :)

Curling wands. Now here it gets interesting, because there are so many kinds and SIZES!! Most people prefer the wands without the clamps, because the clamp can make a kink in your hair when you use it to keep hair in place. As far as the size goes, the bigger the barrel, the looser the curl. So, for tighter curls, you want a smaller barrel and for looser curls to waves, you want a larger barrel. (The barrel is the thing that heats up where you turn the hair around.) Always pick a iron with a heat setting. If the barrel is smaller at the tip and wider at the base, your curls will be looser at the root and tighter at the tip, and if the barrel is wider at the tip and smaller at the base, your hair will curl tighter at the root and looser at the end.

Why a heat setting? Well, finer hair shouldn't be styled at the same temperature as coarser hair. Coarser hair can handle a higher temperature, because the hair shaft is thicker. The more stubborn your hair, the higher the heat setting, where finer hair should be styled at a low setting, or else you risk this:

OK. On to the how to. As you'll see in all the videos that follows, your hair should be dry when you style it with either kind of iron. Why? Because you'll fry your hair if you iron it while it's wet. So blow- or air dry it first. You'll also see that the hair is always sectioned off for best results, and it's always a good idea to comb through while you straighten, or comb your hair well before you curl. And all of this is regardless of your hair type.

Straightening hair with a flat iron :

How to curl hair with a flat iron :

How to get tight curls with a curling iron :

Now for looser curls with a curling wand (subscribe to Jen, she's got awesome makeup and hair tutorials over on her channel! And her blog's cool too) :

How to straighten your hair using a curling wand. :

That's all from me for today! Next time we'll look at cutting your own fringe or bangs at home, as well as styling bangs in different ways.

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