Tuesday, 18 June 2013

My weekend in pictures - Family, fun and wild animals

Hello beauties!!

Hope your weekend was a good one. We celebrated Youth Day here in South Africa on the 16th (Sunday), which also happened to be Father's Day. It's kind of ironic really, because SA is one of the countries in the world with the highest domestic abuse rates in the world, where the father beats his wife and kids, or subjects them to other kinds of abuse. I want to ask you to think of my country in your prayers in this regard, because I believe a strong and good father breeds strong and good kids, who make for a better tomorrow.

Anyway, having said all that, I want to share my weekend with you. Because Youth Day fell on a Sunday, we got to take Monday off so we don't lose our holiday. I love this arrangement!!

Friday night, we actually had to ourselves, which was a lot of fun. Jan's been slowly watching the Star Wars series for the first time (from Phantom Menace onward), so we watched The Empire Strikes Back on Friday night. I'm a HUGE Star Wars fan, so this was a great way to spend the evening in my opinion. And Jan kind of likes the whole SW thing too, although he still watches Star Trek as well. I married a Trekkie. Goodness knows, I'm a good person. :P

On Saturday we got to hang out with my awesome cousin Shants, from The Chef Mother. We drove through to see them in the morning and spent the whole day with her, her kiddies and my aunt and uncle. We had McDonalds for lunch and just spent the day laughing and being silly. Shants and I are pretty alike,, so when it comes to loves and loathes, you can barely tell us apart sometimes. And her sense of humour kills me. I was rolling around and trying not to pee on the carpet, so hard she made me laugh. Miss you already, cuz!!

Sunday was Father's Day, which we spent with my parents. I don't have pics of this, because I didn't think far enough to take some. Shoot me. :P

On Monday, we drove to Emerald Casino in Vanderbijl Park with my parents. We started the day with breakfast at Wimpy and then we got ready to see some animals. We went on a game drive, where the antelope came so close we could feed them from the tour vehicle. That was pretty awesome, and we got some amazing shots of the animals.

We also went through their mini-zoo, which was pretty cool as well. We could get close to most of the animals, and with Jan's camera and photography skills, we got some impressive shots as well. We particularly enjoyed the wolves (I think they are Canadian white wolves), and I'm adding a video of them for you.

Jan and my dad did the rock climb, and both of them made it to the top on their first try! Of course, the both of them will be pretty stiff and aching come this evening. But they made it. To the top. :) We ended our trip with some lunch at the lovely Breeze restaurant and made the hour drive home.

I hope you enjoyed the pics!!

Stay beautiful and be kind to animals,


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