Friday, 7 June 2013

Part Nine

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Today, as promised, Roxanne's story continues here on the Couch. But before we get to that, just a shout out to my little brother, Jean, who's 25 today! Happy birthday, boet! Love you stacks and I hope you have a fabulous day!! 

OK, on to the story then. Sit back and enjoy this episode!!

Part Nine

Roxanne pointed the figure out to Oliver, who drew his sword immediately. "Show yourself!" he commanded, but the figure chuckled lightly and disappeared.

Dusk ran after the shadow and remained away for quite some time before she returned, her expression grave. "It was a spy." she said simply. "The Trickster knows where we are."

"That is ill news." Cookie put in, looking worriedly at the others.

"Nothing we can do about it now. At least we have strength in numbers." Rocket said.

Without a further word, the evening meal was prepared and the companions ate their fill. Roxanne could feel the tension in the air, as no one spoke, just looking around the camp watchfully. When they had finished eating and Reinhart had taken the first watch, Roxanne lay down and closed her eyes too. It felt like hours before she fell asleep, but in reality it took no more than a few moments.

She woke up with a start to find that instead of the dawn, the sun was setting once again.

"Wha...?" she started, only to find that she was alone. Upon closer inspection, she realised she was wearing her shorts and flip flops, and her hair was back to its chestnut brown colour. She was back against the tree where she'd fallen asleep in the first place and she felt silly for believing her vivid dream.

Roxanne picked up all her things, closed the book she'd been reading without looking at it and got to her feet. She didn't notice the pages filling with black words as she did each of these things.

She shook her head and smiled wryly at herself, then started her journey home.

But a sinking feeling took hold of her suddenly and she was afraid; she was being watched.

There was a man dressed all in black, wearing a fedora hat, which was pulled over his head in such a way that it hid his face from her. He was watching her intently and Roxanne was uneasy. She was the last person in the park, except for the watching man and a couple of joggers, and she wanted to get away, to where she'd feel safer.

Without knowing why she took a winding path out of the park, always near the lights, until she entered a busy street. She tried her best to lose herself in the bustle of it, but the man continued to follow her.

She knew she would be alright when she saw the sign for the Underground near, and she made her way down the steps and into the station. It was the early evening rush, with the last workers gathering in the station to go home. Roxanne easily blended away between the masses and took a random train, relief washing over her as she realised she'd lost her follower. She went on to the next stop, where she took the train that would take her home.

On the way to her house, she stopped and bought burgers for her and her housemate, Melissa. Arriving home, she fumbled in her bag for the keys. It was when the keys were in her hand and she stared at the wide open front door, that she realised something was very wrong. The house had been broken into.

Roxanne turned and ran.

She was two blocks away before she stopped, out of breath, and fished for her cell phone in her bag. There were seven frantic voice messages from Melissa, the last of which informing her that the police (whom Melissa had phoned earlier that morning) had still not come and Melissa was going to spend the night at her parents' house. She suggested Roxanne do the same and with a shrill 'call me', the message ended.

After she called Melissa and ensured her friend that she was alright, Roxanne made her way back to the Underground, handing the burgers to a beggar she crossed on the way.

The man was there.

It was as if he'd known she would come this way. As if he'd known this was the closest station to her house. And Roxanne was scared out of her wits.

For the second time that night she ran for her life, weaving between the people in her way, but still, the man was coming.

There were some police officers in the station, and one caught her with a, "Whoa there, miss!", before he demanded to know what was going on. She told them of the housebreak, as well of the man who had been following her, but when they looked, he was gone. She couldn't believe how easily he had disappeared. The officer looked at her sympathetically and offered her a ride to her parents' place in his police car. Roxanne gratefully accepted.

They reached her parents' house without any further events and once the officer was sure she was safe, he promised to look into her own house being burgled, before he left.

Roxanne's folks were shaken up when she told them about her evening, and sent her to bed with a glass of warm milk and a sleeping tablet after dinner.

When she closed her eyes, her dreams were full of men, dressed in black, following her.

She awoke to find Oliver's blue eyes staring at her, full of concern.

Now you need to vote!! Only two options this time, because it's an important one for how the story continues all the way to the end.

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