Friday, 21 June 2013

Part Ten

Hello beauties!!

It's Friday again and we're going on with Roxanne and the gang in Araheim today. But before we get to that, some news.

I went to see the doctor yesterday and we had another sonar. Both Jellybean and I are healthy and everything looks good. I've finally stopped vomiting (touch wood) and I've gained a kilogram (about 2 pounds)!! At 19 weeks I'd say it's about time. We weren't able to see gender, because the umbilical cord was between Jelly's legs. I'll let you know when we know!!

Also, if you're a fan of the Araheim saga (I seriously need a name for this online thing...), you're going to love my novel, The Rise of the Exile Queen! It's available on Amazon in ebook right now!! So go take a look and please support me. :)

On that note, lets go see what Roxanne and the others have in store today.

Part Ten

"What happened?" Roxanne asked, still feeling groggy.

"Are you alright?" Oliver demanded, looking intently at her.

She shook her head, not quite understanding what was going on. "I fell asleep and had a dream about my world."

Oliver looked shaken. "You've been out cold for two whole days! We thought you were dying. In a sense, you were..."

"I don't understand." she said, sitting up.

"We need to get to a safe place. With the Trickster's spies about, we're sure to be attacked soon. We were too scared to move you while you were... in your condition." Cookie said, looking meaningfully at the others.

"Would someone please tell me what's going on?" Roxanne demanded, gesturing wildly with her hands. She was shocked to find they were almost transparent, and she brought them closer to her face for inspection. Looking at her own hands and seeing her legs through them was almost too much for Roxanne to handle and it took all her willpower to keep from screaming madly. "Why...? What's happening to me?" she asked in a small and pleading voice.

Oliver took her by the shoulders and waited until she looked into his eyes before he answered. "You were fading."

"Fading." she echoed in a low mumble.

"You see, as the Trickster's power grows, the Storyteller's power is waning. He isn't strong enough to keep you in Araheim permanently. Somehow, you must have gone back to your own world and if you hadn't woken up, you'd never have come back." he explained quietly.

Roxanne thought of something with a start. "But he was there!"

There was a stunned and confused silence. Reinhart seemed completely lost, and Rocket explained to him what was happening in hushed tones. Dusk looked at Roxanne with a deep frown on her pixie face, while Cookie played along the edge of one of his cleavers with a thumb.

"Who was there?" Oliver asked.

Roxanne had no idea how she knew, but when she answered, it was with certainty. "The Trickster was in my world."

The intake of breath was audible and the companions looked at each other with utter horror on their faces.

"He could not have grown so strong." Dusk mumbled.

"It can't be..." Rocket managed. Reinhart had fallen silent, obviously completely blank about what was being said.

"We need to move, and fast." Cookie said, already on his feet and packing up camp.

"I agree. But first I want to know what happened." Oliver said, turning the attention back to Roxanne.

She told them everything that had happened in her world and the party members seemed to jump to life when she was done. They had no questions for her, not a one wanting to know how she knew it had been the Trickster. They accepted what she said as the gospel truth and she was thankful for it. Because she knew, without a doubt, that she'd met her enemy in the real world.

She was scared, but she had other things on her mind. She couldn't help staring at her hands, which were still transparent, in spite of all the commotion and urgency. While the others worked, she kept looking at them, willing her flesh to become opaque again. None of them offered an explanation to her and she was almost too afraid to ask. But when the party was ready to leave, she couldn't stand it any longer.

"Am I going to stay this way?"

Strangely, Reinhart was the one to answer, putting a big hand on her shoulder. "Nay, my lady. Ever since the dawn you have been gaining colour and became less wraith-like. Do not fear, I have sworn to protect you and no harm shall befall you while I am close."

For some reason, the gesture was comforting to her, and Roxanne was grateful to the knight. She curtsied for him and sent a deep crimson blush up his cheeks. They were off immediately after that, moving northward with grim expressions.

"That was a nice thing you did." Oliver mumbled to her as soon as Reinhart was in the lead of the party and out of earshot. She was suddenly the one fighting a blush.

To turn her attention from Oliver's smile, she asked, "How far to the Blacklands?"

Oliver's expression sobered. "We're about four days away. If all goes well, all of this should be over before the end of the week."

"And then?" Roxanne asked quietly.

He looked at her with a sad expression. "Then we'll see."

As they marched on that day, Roxanne slowly became more solid-looking, but she felt hollow inside anyway.

So now you know what you have to do! (You have to vote, silly!!)

Will Roxanne change back?
Have a fantastic weekend folks. I'll see you again on Monday with a brand new post. 

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