Monday, 24 June 2013

Uses for white eyeliner

Hello beauties!!

Can't believe another week's started already. Man, how time flies. I'm already 19 weeks pregnant... Wow. That thought just caused me to shiver. So much still has to be done before Jellybean arrives and I've honestly done nothing, except empty out a closet in what will become the nursery. But in my defense, I've been sick as hell.

I hope your weekend was good. We had some time off here and there, though we were pretty busy for the brunt of it.

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OK. You've seen this on the catwalk and on big name celebs. White eyeliner is pretty big at the moment and has more uses than you think.

Now you're going to ask; Why would I use it? Do I really need it? Well, I'm here to tell you what makes a white liner a powerful tool in any makeup case.

The first use is one not many people seem to think of. You can apply your white liner as a base for your eyeshadow, just make sure it's a soft pencil!! You don't want to scratch off your corneas in the name of makeup.

You see, you don't need a primer (though a good primer is always a good idea if you're going to some kind of event and you want your makeup to last much longer)! Using an eyeliner as base for your eye-makeup will actually make the colours you apply afterward more vibrant and also prevent creasing. That's what I said. Typed. Whatever.

You may not realise it, but you can very well use your plain old black eyeliner for the same purpose. Yup. I did it here, for example.

I just basically applied the black liner as a base, blended the edges and then added the gold and black shadows over it. You can't see it so well on the pictures, because the lashes were so big and in the way, but the black base made the gold on top of it more vibrant and it really popped, making her greenish-hazel eyes pop out of this world.

White eyeliner as base will do the same. In fact, it will probably intensify the colour even further, because it creates a completely clean canvas, which will show a much truer colour.

You can use white eyeliner in the waterline to make your eyes seem brighter, the whites whiter and bigger. But you can take this one step further.

If you want your eyes to seem rounder, use the white liner only in the center of your lower waterline, just under the iris. (PS. If you have green eyes, try this trick with green liner. The same with brown, grey and blue, just use a liner the same colour as your eyes. Talk about making them pop).

If you want your eyes to seem further apart (for close set eyes), use the white liner on the outside third of your waterline.

Want your eyes to seem closer together (for wide set eyes)? Use the white liner on the inner third of the waterline.

If you're afraid of using white liner, you can always get the same brightening and enlarging effect with a peach or cream liner on the waterline. I personally use a creamy liner, usually used for filling in light blonde eyebrows. Makeup is versatile, you can use all kinds of makeup in different ways! Experiment!

Just remember that if your eyes are very bloodshot and red, the white liner on the waterline can actually make your eyes seem even redder. So buy some eye-drops for Pete's sake. :P

Use it as an accent. See this really simple, but really striking look? And all because of the simple, two coloured cat eye. The white looks edgy and fresh, while the black liner on the lash line makes the lashes look thicker and fuller.

This is also a cool way to ease into the use of white eyeliner, because you still have your regular black liner as well. And btw, I do this all the time with purple, blue or other coloured liners. It's a fun way to change up your look without too much hassle.

You can also invert the look and use the white on the bottom lash line to create a very dramatic cat eye.

The white makes the black lines on the top and bottom lids pop even more, as well as keeping the eye bright and open. We've all seen how this arabic kind of look can close an eye if it's all black on the lash and waterlines.

By using white liner as an accent, the eyes draw even more attention and make an even bigger statement.

This is a magic wand when it comes to costume makeup. You can enlarge your eyes to anime scale with a white liner in the waterline and brought down on the lower lashline a little further. Then draw on or stick lower falsies beneath the white, and voila, anime eyes in an instant.

But don't just think anime! You can do all kinds of doll-eyed looks with this simple trick. Remember I told you about Promise Phan once?

She uses white eyeliner to completely change the shape of her natural Asian eyes in her famous transformations all the time. Check this out.

See, there's a lot you can do with white liner that could completely change up your everyday look. And it's so simple anyone could do it.

And that's all I have for you today. If you've got some cool looks with white liner, send them to me!! I'd love to see.

Stay beautiful and be kind to animals,



  1. I was actually looking for Halloween makeup ideas (it was the "anime" that linked me here), but I'm loving all of these!!