Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Draw with me take two!

Hello beauties!!

I have a drawing tutorial for you again today. I started this one looooong ago and forgot about it (not to mention problems with my stylus), but I've completed it now and I thought I'd share it with you. I've done a tut like this before, which has a little more detail than this one, so please feel free to cross reference between the two. :)

Step One : Draw out the skeleton of your art. I do this by making circles to show where the joints should be and connecting the dots! This will make it a lot easier to plot out the proportions of your character, as well as generally placing what should be where.

Step two : Flesh it out. Now you want to draw the details of your figure. Plot in the hands, arms, torso, bum, legs and feet. When you've done that, add the facial features, the hair and all kinds of details you want in the final line art. This can be super rough and messy, you're not going to use what you drew here in the final art.

* Line art is the black line drawing, meaning, before you've started to add colour. The pictures in colouring books are line arts, for example.

I use red for this early stage, because when I do the black after this step, like in step three below, it's easier to distinguish between the rough art and the line layer. I also do this on a new layer, because I'm addicted to layers.

I took a screenshot before I drew on the clothes, like an idiot. But you should add whatever your figure is wearing as well.

Step three : Carefully go over the rough drawing (on a new layer of course!) using a thin, round brush (I used a 5 diameter brush) set to 100% opacity. Only include the lines you want to be visible in your final piece.

Step four : On yet another layer (under the line art), paint in the hair. You can pick any colour you want for this step. You can use a colour picker on this image to get the shade I used, if you should want to.

Step five : Clean up your edges. I added some wispy, loose strands with my base colour before I started to shade. My shading technique is VERY SIMPLE.

I use the lasso tool (on add mode) to select the parts I want to shade. When I've made my selection, I go to the Select tab, and click the Modify option. Under the small drop down menu (Modify), I select the Feather option, and I set it to 10, and then OK. What this does is it blurs the lines of the selection, so they're not harsh, but blend into the rest of the hair.

Then I get the Burn tool, set it to Midtones and around 15% strength, and simply burn the selection. When I'm done, I deselect and do some fine tuning with a smaller Burn brush, set around 15 diameter. If I'm not happy with the way it blended, or I want to fine tune even more, I select the smudge brush, set it at between 15 and 20% strength and blend until I'm happy.

And that's it. This is the technique I used throughout this drawing to do shades, so I won't explain it again, for your sanity and mine. :D

Step six : Now the highlights. I did the exact same thing as with the shadows, the exception being that I used the Dodge tool instead of the Burn tool.

I made my selection, feathered it and started Dodging on the midtones setting. When I was done with that, I put the Dodge tool on the Highlights setting and Dodged some more. I Smudged some and then decided that it needed a little more light, so I put my brush tool on the 0% hard setting, and at an opacity of about 10%, selected an off-white shade then added some highlights with the brush.

Again, this is how I did the highlights throughout, so I'll leave it at that.

The last thing I did to the hair was select the Filter tab, go to the Blur option on the drop down and blur it slightly, so the loose strands of hair would be softer and less prominent.

Step seven : On a new layer, underneath the hair layer, I coloured her skin, using the colour next to her on the image. I followed the exact steps to create the shadows and highlights on her skin. It turned out too orange for my liking, so I played with the saturation (Image, Hue/Saturation, and then slid the slider) until I was happy with the result.

I used a brush and the shadow colour to fill in her mouth and made a shadow under her nose. I also made wispy, hair-like shadows on her face.

This is how it turned out :

Step eight : I first used a round brush and white to colour in the whites of her eyes. Then I used the same brush (round, about 9 diameter, 100% opacity and hardness) and the top purple colour to fill in her irises. I set my brush to a 0% hardness and about 10% opacity, which I used for all the next steps.

I selected the second purple colour and went around the edges of the iris and where the pupil should be to darken it. Then I used the third colour and did the same. And then the black. Wow, that was informative. :)

Now I took the Dodge tool, put it on Highlight mode and ran it under her pupils a couple of times to make nice bright highlights. I set my brush to 100% opacity and added the white shinies in her eyes, then slightly blurred it with the Smudge tool

I selected a 5 diameter, 100% hard and opaque round brush and drew in her lashes. Using the same brush and a brown shade from her hair, I filled in her eyebrows. Eyes done.

Step nine : Because her shirt and stockings are white, I changed the background colour to grey, so I could see what I was colouring better. Then I proceeded to colour her shirt and stockings on a new layer, which I put under the hair layer, but over the skin layer.

* Why position layers? Think about how you layer clothes. Whatever you put on last, is on top and shows on the outside. So, if you're wearing a dress and stockings, boots and a coat, the coat will be visible on the outside, while the dress and rest of the clothing will peek out underneath. It's the same with the layers here. The top layer is above everything else, so shows everything on that specific layer. The next layer is above whatever is under it, so the stuff under it only shows what the layers over it doesn't cover, etc. I hope that made some sense!!

I shaded the clothes with the Burn tool set on Highlights.

Step ten : I proceeded to colour the rest of her clothing. I don't know why I used the Gryffindor colours, OK!!! :D I added a default texture from photoshop on her pullover, and set the opacity very low, just to make it look like it was woven.

Step eleven : I realised I never coloured her index finger on the trigger, so I went back to the skin layer and coloured it. I switched my background back to white, so I could see the next steps more easily. Then I used brown for the haft and a light grey for the rest of the pistol and Burned and Dodged it. The diamond pattern on the haft was done with the Burn tool and freehand.

Step twelve : I set the background to a very light grey and used a red brush over it. The brush I used is from Javier.blazter's brush pack, Rising Sun. I was lazy to do more to the background, but I may just go back and add some detail later. Lastly, I added my signature. But this is the final product!!

That's all folks! I hope you enjoyed this one. Please drop me a line if you have art ideas, suggestions or requests.

Stay beautiful and be kind to animals,


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