Monday, 29 July 2013

Kitchen Teas and Ugly Veils

Hello beauties!

Here's to a brand new week. I hope your weekend was fantastic and you had a lot of fun. It's been busy over in my neck of the woods, with the full onset of nesting-fever (aka the need to get everything clean and ready before going into labour).

Bride to be
We also surprised my cousin Larissa this weekend with her kitchen tea. The theme was High Tea, the place was River Cafe in Sandton, and the crowd was a lot of fun. Leatitia and the other bridesmaids (my cousins Anschke and Tanja) joined forces with the mother-of-the-bride, aunt Karin, and arranged this get-together all spy and secret like. When Larissa arrived, they dressed her in white and added a hat to her attire, so she would fit in with the theme.

The bridesmaids, Anschke, Tanja and Leatitia.

The rules of the day were simple. There were three forbidden words; wedding, bride, and the name of the groom, Eugene. Anyone who said these was forced to wear the ugly veil until someone else said one of the words. Of course, we got to ugly-fy the veil as we went along, so the thing got heavier, more lopsided and even more hideous with each transgression.

These pics show some of the victims of the veil. My aunt Flora had to wear the thing most of all, and kept it on for looong periods of time. Of course, without even being guilty, the veil was plonked on my head as well. But I wore it with pride, even if I was framed!! :D And eventually, even Larissa got to wear the veil. See it as practice for the actual event, cuz!!

Also, Larissa spent the day with her squeeze (in South Africa that's slang for date-of-the-day), Genie, and believe me when I say she got VERY comfortable with him. Eugene would have had a fit if he saw all the antics they got up to.

Handsome, aint he?

We had tea (or coffee), yummy savoury snacks and all kinds of delicious sweets from the sweet table.

She got some awesome gifts!
After we'd eaten, Larissa got to guess about her gifts. She was asked either who gave her the gift, or what was inside the package. If she guessed correctly (which happened far too little), good for her. But if she didn't, she got punished. Tam tam taaaam!! :P

First, she was asked questions about Eugene, and the bridesmaids obviously got the answers to these questions from the groom-to-be before the party. One again, if she gave the right answer, she got off without further consequences. But if she didn't, she was forced to do all kinds of things from the moon walk, to push ups, to having her makeup done and dancing with her date. We had a good laugh at her antics!! Especially when she started singing 'I'm a little teapot'... And that kiss!!


Larissa being beautified. I'll try my best to re-capture this look for the wedding!!

Wasn't she extra gorgeous after Anschke's makeup was completed?

25 push ups in heels and a white dress couldn't get Larissa down!

Before we went home, we got our pictures taken with the bride-to-be. These are some snaps of the family and my bestie. Isn't she just a glowing mommy-to-be? :)

Larissa and me mommy.

Auntie Flo and Larissa, smiling for the camera.

Look, it's me! 


Liani and Larissa, with Anschke in an epic photo-bomb in the back.

Mother and daughter. Brings a tear to the eye.

And here's a pic of the cousins! Anschke, Tanja, Leatitia, Larissa and moi.

I can't believe the wedding is only two weeks away. Larissa and bridesmaids, good luck with the final preparations. I know it's going to be a beautiful event for two beautiful people. You're going to be a stunning bride, and that groom of yours is going to be absolutely breathless when he sees you. I love you both from the bottom of my heart! Blessings!!

Hope your Monday isn't blue!

Stay beautiful and be kind to animals,


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