Monday, 1 July 2013


Hello beauties!!

I hope you had a good weekend. I was supposed to do a post today of my weekend in pictures, because we went away, but I haven't gotten around to downloading the pictures yet. We went to the Vaal River in Parys, Free State, and just relaxed a little. We soaked up some lovely Winter sun, chilled with some family and I read as much as I could. If we have some cool photos, I might just post them tomorrow.

Anyway, happy birthday to my aunt Karin! I hope you have a fabulous day!

I can't believe it's July already. The first half of the year is gone, folks, and that's pretty scary if you ask me. Just a little more than four months, and I'll be a mommy to a baby outside of my tummy. Can you believe I'm halfway already? It feels like just yesterday we found out I'm pregnant. Jellybean is doing well, but we couldn't see gender at the last sonar. Hopefully next time... :) Mommy's doing better as well, though I still have my nauseous and vomit-y days here at week 20. Sucks to be me at the moment, but at least Jelly's healthy and I'm very grateful for that little fact.

My belly's been exploding all of a sudden. Two weeks ago it was difficult to get people to believe me when I told them I'm expecting, especially when they heard how far along I am. Those who know me still comment on the weight loss I've been undergoing, and those who haven't seen me for a while are pretty speechless when I tell them I'm pregnant. But suddenly my midriff has expanded, so much so that jeans I wore last week wouldn't fit over the weekend!! It's weird to be proud of a growing stomach, when all our lives we strive for a flat one...

Anyway, today it's the first of a new month, and I thought I'd share some July facts with you.

* The name of the seventh month comes from Julius Ceasar, who named the month after himself when the Gregorian calendar came into use. His birthday was in July, which is why he chose that month for himself.
* Before the Gregorian calendar, July was the fifth month, called Quintilius, which means five.
* The July birthstone is a ruby.
* Rubies are hard gems, only diamonds are harder.
* Rubies symbolizes devotion, integrity, courage and happiness. It's also connected to lovers and passion, because of the red colour.
* Rubies are the 40 year wedding anniversary gift.
* July has two flowers, the water lily and the larkspur.
* The Declaration of Independence was signed in the USA on July 4, 1776, by John Hancock.
* July is the birth month to Nelson Mandela, George W. Bush, Sandra Bullock, Tom Cruise and J.K. Rowling amongst others.
* July is blueberry, hot dog and ice cream month.
* July is on average the hottest month of the Summer in the northern hemisphere and the coldest in the south.
* I found this fragment of a poem on Wiki :
The glowing ruby shall adorn, Those who in July are born;
Then they'll be exempt and free
From love's doubts and anxiety.

Sources : link, link and link.

Here are some ruby pics for you to enjoy!!

Have a love and happiness filled July folks! I hope you find beauty in small things this month, remember that freedom came with a price and you 're more fortunate and loved than you realise.

On a last note, it's been all over the news through the world that Madiba, or Nelson Mandela, has been very ill over the last while. Please take a moment to pray for him and his family for comfort, as well as the nation who loves him. You're a legend, Madiba, epic and amazing.

Stay beautiful and be kind to animals,


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