Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Styling long and medium hair

Hello beauties!!

We're going on with our basics of beauty series and we're talking about styling very long and medium hair. Now, when I say medium, I mean shoulder length. I'll do a special post on short and bob hairstyles next week, as promised.

Before I go into detail with the videos and images I've found for this post, you can check out some of my old posts to grasp the basics of some of the stuff in today's videos first, if you should want to do that.
* Your hair type.
* Using a flat or curling iron.
* How to blow dry straight hair
* How to blow dry naturally curly hair.
* How to do different braids on my own hair.
* Different brushes and combs.

Once you know how to do different braids, your possibilities on hairstyles become pretty much endless. You can do the same basic hairstyle with curls or waves, instead of straight hair, and it will look different too. So, on to the videos.

I've also got some tutorial images I found on Pinterest to share with you.

I'll do a post on different hair products and accessories when I've done the short and bob hair post. We'll talk about hairspray, gels, mousse and heat protectant then. Because you're obviously going to need those for updo's.

I hope this inspired you! Keep an eye out next week for the short hairstyles inspiration.

Stay beautiful and be kind to animals,


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