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For him : the best beard to suit his face!

Hello beauties!

Now this is a post for the man in your life. Because the gents need some love too. :P

And it joins in with our basics of beauty series (in a weird way). We've been talking about a lot of hair-related things, so why shouldn't we be touching down on guys' hairstyles? If you guys out there want me to, I'll do a post or two about guys hairstyles in the future. Give me a shout out and I'll get it done!

You may wonder what brought on this sudden interest in beards from my side. Honestly, it's pretty random. I've been seeing a lot of beards lately from the guys I know, and I've been thinking that maybe a trend is starting to pop up. Combine that with a lack of inspiration for blog posts, and you get this. :D

Beards have always been perceived as a sign of manliness, and there are millions of women who swoon before the bearded faces of men. Especially since Ryan Gosling grew some face whiskers. 'Hey girl' memes have been popping up more than ever...

So today, we're going to pay tribute to the beard. But like all things in life, beards have to be done (erm... grown) in the right way. If you cut it to suit your particular shape face, you'll get optimal results, aka more women swooning at your feet. :)

Before we get on to the actual beards, check out my old post about face shapes (don't panic when you see only pictures of female faces, because your face can be shaped the same way as hers...) and determine what shape you have.

When you have the answer, read on.

The oval face :

As always, oval is considered perfection. You can get away with any style beard and wear it with pride. the other styles will always try to look more oval!

The round face :

You basically want to add length and angularity to your face. A good cut would be something which pulls focus to your chin and takes it away from your cheeks, so you want short, neat sideburns and a lengthening (but neat!!) beard or moustache.

Good examples of beards for round faces are the goatee and the zappa.

The oblong face :

You want to do the exact opposite from the round face shape and add some roundness and remove some length off your face. So go for a face-framing beard, but keep it short. If it grows around your jaw and cheeks, it will add a feeling of roundness, making the face seem less long and more oval.

If you allow your beard to grow too long, it'll only make your face seem longer, so always keep it trimmed!!

Good examples of beards and 'staches for your face are the mutton chops, dali and a la souvarov. But you could also go for something more normal, like in the left image.

The square face :

You want to do similar things to the round face shape. The focus should be off the squareness of your jaw and you want to keep the sidies short and neat. If you do this, adding some length to your chin whiskers, your face will seem more oval and less angular.

You could also pull off the goatee, and you could go for styles like the hollywoodian and the anchor too.

But don't go for beards that are too bushy or full. Keep the length to the chin area and keep the rest trimmed, or else your square face will simply be accentuated.

The diamond face :

You want to balance out your envious cheekbones. Go for face-framing beard styles, which make the cheeks and jaw seem fuller, but is kept shorter around the chin. This will create the illusion of a fuller face.

Also, if the style keeps the cheeks are left bare, but the moustache connects with the beard, it will remove some of the focus from the cheekbones too.

Try the chin curtain,  short boxed beard and rap industry standard style beards.

The triangular face :

Your objective will be to add roundness to your face and bring some focus to your jaw, because this will even out your chin.

Having said that, I find that a lot of men try to pull the focus to their chins (or maybe hide the prominence of their chins under a lot of hair, I dunno...), so they go for styles like the goatee, or others that leave the jaw bare and grow mainly from the chin.

Try out styles like the hollywoodian, old dutch and van dyke, if you get tired of that goatee.

The inverted triangular face :

You want to do the opposite from your triangle brothers, by taking focus off your jaw and bringing it towards the rest of your face. This will even out the jaw and bring some roundness to the picture.

Keep the side whiskers and moustache trimmed, avoid hair around the chin, and you're good to go.

If you do decide to grow some hair on the chin, try to keep it short. Styles to consider include the fu manchu, mutton chops and franz josef.

Now go grow a beard!! :)

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Stay beautiful and be kind to animals,


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